RIP - Aretha Franklin

What a sad day for music lovers around the world. Respect!
She died over 2 years ago. Still sad nonetheless. 
I just feel so blue, since you've been gone...

Is this one of those "gaslighting" threads, or was I living 2 years ahead of my time?
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@arafiq - you got too much time on your hands Bud. 
And I thought MY computer was slow.
It’s not me, it’s the ambien typing. I swear!
Then get sober or stay away from the keyboard you freak!
arafiq- as a longtime Ambien (actually the generic Zolpidem) user I've learned to stay away from the internet (especially FB!) when waiting for it to take effect.  I've provided some entertainment in the past...
If you want to say RIP today, this is appropriate 

Tim de Paravicini
Zavato- how sad. I love my ear 834 phono pre. 
Truly a gifted engineer. Rip. 
@roxy54  take it easy man! No need to get mean. 
Just heard about John Lennon! Such a tragedy.
Was it Paul that shot him?
Why all the vitriol here...he made an error.
How can a walrus hold a gun?

And I thought MY computer was slow.


Some posters have apparently been off the grid for awhile..... maybe he was referring to Charley Pride ? 
Elvis is still alive up here in Canada eh.....
@tim_p - I know you’re making it up. Ask me how I know. 
He’s walking around in my backyard as I type ...
I will never forget the eulogy that Michael Jackson delivered at the funeral. It sure brought tears to my eyes and all of the others that attended including Prince!!
The tears in Prince’s eyes were from fentanyl withdrawal. 
@volumizer, that’s cold! 
You guys are cruel and hilarious at the same time....Covid 19 fatigue must be the cause of this 'knives-out' humor. Some really funny comments here. Jimi, Jim, and Janis are spinning in their graves.
Oh no! Jerry Garcia died too!
it's always a good time to remember and appreciate Aretha...
This brings back a wistful memory of my father watching and braying at a years old recording of a football game as if it’s implications were in real time.  This morning he’s in the hospital, fallen apart, but still making trouble with his phone.   The memory is wistfully mild in comparison to his more recent publicly displayed errors in perception and judgement that leave a trail of breakage in his wake.  With his significant wealth held up against any question of dignity, he hangs on to his right to access even complex technologies and in that the embarrassments and frustrations are only minor considerations.   
Like past discussions around car keys, maybe we need to come to some acceptable social mores about when the use of technology should be left alone in the service of safety and dignity.  
No offense to the OP I hope.  My dad used to do exactly this kind of thing on Facebook posts, etc.  It was mostly just amusing.   We all maybe need to consider though putting aside the keyboard at some point.  
@tuberculin, careful! I cried 25 years ago...and I’ll do it again, gosh darn it!

Aretha Franklin was a pretty, slender, young girl of 22 when I saw her at The 20 Grand, which was one of Detroit’s most famous night clubs. It was located at the intersection of 14th Street and Warren Avenue.

That’s a memory I will always treasure, her voice was as clear as mountain air, and it had a beautiful ringing resonance that seemed to be ringing just outside of my ear at that time.

These are pictures from 1960, and although that was 5 years later when I saw her, this is what she looked like.

Did you hear, Francisco Franco is still dead !!!
It might  be two years but its a great reason to put on some classic Aretha.Maybe Young Gifted and Black.
@spiritofradio -- thank you for sharing. The humor was not intended to belittle anyone or any memories. We have our own ways of paying tribute to our favorite artists. And sometimes humor, as long as it does’t cross over into the realm of vitriol, is just another means to an end. We have been rediscovering Aretha Franklin lately, and listening to some of her work (thanks to Qobuz) that previously flew under the radar.

Nevertheless, I apologize if this post caused any kind of inadvertent discomfort. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your dad.
It was immature and tacky, but it's done now...
The apology was intended ONLY and ONLY for spiritofradio.

Don’t give two hoots about grumpy old men posting condescending remarks. Lol!!
Martin and Lewis broke up?
The last Dodo died, then Di Died, then Dodi Died.  Dido must be crapping herself.
Not asking for your apology arafiq, just making a comment, and no, I don't apologize either.
"Did you hear, Francisco Franco is still dead !!!"

maur53 wins the internet!