Ringo Star and the All Stars

Took in last nights show of Ringo and the All Stars Band and ladies and gentleman if they are in your neighborhood find a way to go to the show. Heres the line up Ringo as spry as ever. Colin Hay from Men at Work, Billy Squier man this man can sing and play, Hamish Stuart AWB laying down hard guitar licks, Edgar Winter sax and keys deluxe, the dream weaver Gary Wright and Gregg Bissonette on drums. Two and a half hours of rock and roll, peace and love easily worth the price of a ticket.
I'm planning on catching them in L.A. Do they do hits from each performer? Just curious.
Qdrone yes they do several times. You get a lot of audience participation from this super concert.
I have been catching his shows for several years. Check out his liver performance CDs. Fun listening.