Ringmat shims for VTA?

Has anyone who normally plays on a bare platter ever tried the Ringmat record shims for VTA/SRA adjustment? I'm not talking about the cork/paper Ringmat itself, which would be silly on a hard platter/record clamp setup. I'm talking about Ringmat's set of variable thickness shims. The idea is to set your VTA/SRA once using your thickest record, then place one or more shims beneath thinner records.

This would be quick, repeatable and much easier for us Rega/OL users. Would there be any sonic negatives? Would a heavy duty clamp still provide ample coupling of record to platter through the shims? If it matters, my TT is a Teres 265, but this might be of interest to anyone with a hard platter/clamp setup and an arm with difficult or no VTA adjustment.
It's going to change the impedance coupling of the record to the platter. Some may never notice it, some will.

For your situation, Doug, I think that it is pretty easy to get to the lock nut under the armboard, to make the adjustment. This nut should only be finger-tight anyway, no tighter. With a little practice, you should be able to remember how much of a turn needs to be done on the VTA collar, to change from a 180 gram record to a 125 gram, without much difficulty.
We certainly hear things like sorbothane feet (great if you prefer muzak to music). I suppose we'd probably hear these shims too, though they probably wouldn't be as disastrous as something like a Sorbo-mat.

Harrumph! You're trying to save me $100. What kind of audiophile are you anyway? :)