Ring radiator tweeters - the future?

A technology developed by Scanspeak that hasn't penetrated the audiophile market, but Polk started using them - and their fans say it produces better high end within the same price range. A brief froogle reveals JBL offers them as components. Could this technology end the perpetual silk dome vs. titanium dome debate?
I used to own a 3 way floorstander with a tonegen ribbon tweeter (Heybrook sextets) and those ribbon tweeters were the sweetest treble I ever heard, and neither bulky nor inefficient.
I felt they sounded real nice on the Audio Physic Virgo III. Airy and detailed but no metallic bite that I could detect. Would love to hear the ML Kestrel II, which uses 'em also. Haven't heard the Polks but they seem like very nice products for the money.
I hope Ring radiator tweeters aren't the future. Since I don't use tweeters at all. LOL

Infact I never plan to use them again, unless my upper frequency hearing gets so bad to where I have no choice but to bump up the dBs in this area.

Look at where the heart of music is on this chart. I've discovered myself some tweeters add artificiality to the music in certain cases.

Musical Instrument Range Chart . If your speakers can't get this part of the frequency range right. Who cares about a tweeter?

If you listen for overtones even more than you listen for the actual notes, you begin to care about a good tweeter very quickly.
Gmood1...The frequency range chart that you cite is for the fundamental tones. Harmonics do go to 20KHz and even higher. But I do agree with you that the low and mid range is most important, and a bad tweeter is worse than none at all.
Bombaywalla, It's not even a question of wheather somebody likes the speaker, its just I don't know how your so off on the tweeters description. I mean, most people consider it one of the warmest, most laid back tweeters. Krell, Audio Physic, Polk Audio LSi...perhaps it wasn't an LSi series I don't know...but it's so far on the other spectrum...I simply don't undertsand the "sharpness" your talking about.