Rigoletto Solti RCA Master Works 'Enhanced' cd

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have been looking at purchasing this 'enhanced' cd and
I have been on Amazon and have listened to the 30second track samples, and to my ears it sounds like they are performing in a tunnel,the puzzling thing is there have been 11 comments about the cd and they all gave it 5*'s.
I have my pc connected to my speakers so I do not know if that is the problem with the odd sound I am hearing. My copy of Rigoletto by Guilini on DG sounds a lot better.
I would be very grateful if any of you have read this far down and own a copy of the RCA Master Works 'enhanced' cd, and if so, what is your impression of the quality of the cd played with your cd player and through your speakers.

Many thanks in advance.