Right time to pull the trigger. Black Friday.

Received and email from Audiolab in Bensalem PA. They are having a 10% over manufacturer invoice on most of the brands they carry on black friday. I need more gear like a hole in the head. I am scratching my head to think of something. Perhaps getting back into surround sound.

I have no connection with them outside of being a customer. Have found them to be a good place to deal with over the years.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Blessings.
Their price on Ortofon for instance, seem to be consistent with my Music Direct Catalog. As far as 10% over factory invoice, I'm going to say too good to be true. I can't see them taking a $100 profit on a $1000 item. Not that they wouldn't do it, but the manufacturers would not like it. That's my take anyway.
I agree -- it sounds too good to be true. More like a going out of business liquidation. Hope not, since they have been a good dealer.

By the way, I assume you mean Audiolab in Fairless Hills PA, cuz there doesn't seem to be any Audiolab in Bensalem PA.
James, I did make the mistake of posting them in Bensalem, they are in Fairless Hills PA. This is a Black Friday sale only, so I doubt they are going out of business. You and others may call them for the details of sale. Only one item that you buy qualifies for the 10% over dealer cost. Their number is 800 513 8555. One may call for all details. Yes, they have been and are a good dealer.

I have no connection with them other than being a customer. Just wanted to past along a great opportunity if you are in the market. Well back to the the turkey the game and of course some music.
Saw this Black Friday sale yesterday and inquired about sale prices on some of their gear of interest. Called the manufacturer to find out if Audiolab is an authorized dealer or reseller as their salesman claimed to be. Manufacturer checked and Audiolab was not authorized to sell any of their products so I let the urge pass. Did anybody else order anything?
For both the Bel Canto and Anthem website they list Audiolab as being an authorized seller. I make mention of this as I purchased an Anthem SS receiver. The price was less than any other I found on the web by a good margin. I have found Audiolab to be a top notch establishment over many years. Their Black Friday sale was the real deal for the products included in the sale. A rare but grand opportunity to score on some great products.