right power amp for digital phase EP-SM-1's

Hello all.New to this site and have a elementary question(for most I imagine)so here goes:I have a pair of digital phase EP-SM-1 loudspeakers that I'm using for monitors with a solid state 100 watt(mono block) amp made by digital phase.I also use these for recreational listening(mainly rock music)at fairly high levels and I've noticed I'm pushing this amp into it's peak realm quite often.I contacted digital phase and asked their opinion about using a more powerful amp to drive the EP-SM-1's so as to not push the amp into clipping and possibly damage the speakers.They told me the speakers really could not handle any more power and that the amp was designed especially for those speakers and the only thing they could do was adjust the class of the amp to get about 30% more power out of it.Everything I have read suggests that you should have about double the amount of power that your speakers are rated for so I am puzzled as to why they don't recommend using a more powerful amp.Could anyone shed some light on this and/or recommend an amp for these?(My budget is only about $500.00) I have also considered adding a HSU VTF-1 sub.Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.Here are the specs for the EP-SM-1.
SPL 1 Watt @ 1 Meter 88 db
Frequency Response +/- 1.5db 35Hz-20Khz
Power Handling RMS 100 watts
Power Handling Music 150 watts
Power Handling Peak 200 watts
Impedance Nominal 8 ohms
Drive Unit Woofer: 6.5" Pulp paper with doping and stiffing resins, none pressed cone with 35mm flat edge-wound voice coil former with copper wire. Barium Ferrite and Neo magnets (inner and outer voice-coil). Rubber surround. Progressive spiders.
Drive Unit Tweeter: 1" Titanium Metal Dome, with doped silk surround with liquid cooling.
Crossover: Highest quality Oxygen-Free Copper Toroidal Air-core inductors with Cardas Golden Ratio Capacitors.