Right match

I had m8s500 power amplifier I bought m8 preamp the sound is horrible I thought it was the right match what preamp can I buy to match the amp.i had it connected to an integrated amp and the difference was huge but im looking for the right preamp to match the m8s500 power amp



Can you describe “sound is horrible” in terms of ‘in what way it sounded?’
Or what was wrong with the sound?

Mismatch of a Musical Fidelity amp and Musical Fidelity pre? No. 

You have issues downstream of the pairing.

Figure it out.

I was using luxman 505ux11 it sounds much better than the m8 preamp I had cornwall iv and forte iv connect with the preamp I have to turn tte volume up to 75 db or higher to get high sound at 65 db you can barely here the music at 75 db is louder but sounds very distortion not what I expected not what preamp should I buy


I was using luxman 505ux11 it sounds much better than the m8 preamp

Seems like a luxman preamp will be a better match.




What is your source? Are you using an output of a turntable connected to a line level in on the musical fidelity preamp?
Luxman has a built in phono stage…that’s the only explanation I can find other than your preamp is broken. 

I get it. I was asking what your source is and whether or not you have your turntable directly plugged into the m8 preamp 

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If the M8 is a line stage only or you have your turntable plugged into a line level input or you have a low out MC cartridge and you have your phono input set to MM you would experience what you’re describing .

Ok but it has nothing to do with the luxman I'm not using the luxman I'm using the amplifier with the preamp 

Also I was told that the input impedance has to be 11 times lower on the preamp than the power amp the power amp has 50 Kohms the preamp 75KO can that be the issue also im not using the luxman I have turn the volume to 80 db to be able to hear the music at 64 db is like 7 on the clock something is wrong 

The question is: do you have a phonostage between TT and preamp line stage? Many preamps have an input that says phono however it is meant for an external phonostage. 

A followup to that is: does the phonostage provide for low output MC cartridge if indeed you are using one. A MM phonostage will not provide the gain needed for a LOMC cartridge.

The M8 has a phono stage, according to the website, claiming for both MM and MC.  So along mesch's lines, (1) did you plug the TT into the phono input and (2) if so, did you plug it into the MM or MC input?  From your description it sounds like you might be using a lower output MC but going through the MM input.

Right the TT is plug into the phono input MM but it sounds horrible a $5000 preamp should sound great with any distortion and at 60 db I can't barely heard the music

There is a switch on the back of M8 that toggles between MM and MC.
Like I said if you are using a turntable, make sure it plugged into the phono input on the back of M8, it is grounded to the ground screw, and the MM/MC toggle switch is set according to the type of cartridge you’re using. So tell us what cartridge it is. Or just try flipping the MM/MC switch to MC. Report back what you’re hearing. 

Also, your M8 output impedance is 47ohm and a perfect match with your amplifier’s input impedance of 50kohm.

Or plug an iPhone or iPad into and RCA adapter and see if that sounds good.
Just not on a phono input, use an Aux, or some other line level.

Unless there is something not working properly in the preamp or amp, you'd have to assume that two Musical Fidelity products of the same product line should work fine together.  You might want to try the MM/MC switch to see if it makes an improvement (but keep the volume down to start).  It would probably help to know the make and model of your cartridge, and whether you're running balanced or RCA interconnects.  Have you tried the preamp with a CD player or other, non-turntable, source to see if the problem exists for that source?

That's what I been using mark levinson cd it might same branch the amp and the preamp but something is wrong have to turn the volume to 80 db very loud to appreciate the music with distortion I might return the preamp

Also I want to add this only have 6 hours of break in time but I heard some people said that power smp and preamp don't need break in time like speakers that need around 500 hours.Can that be the issue is to soon just 6 hours of burn in time 

Also I want to add this only have 6 hours of break in time but I heard some people said that power smp and preamp don't need break in time like speakers that need around 500 hours.Can that be the issue is to soon just 6 hours of burn in time

it should not sound bad by default at the start.
Something is jacked up.
Pre or, cables,

Sounds like the problem is in the preamp, then, or maybe the connections.  I'd ask my dealer for help first before returning it.

Break in wont fix what you’re describing. Have you read the manual? Have you contacted the dealer or seller that sold you this preamp to attempt to troubleshoot it over the phone?

Something is wrong, they should be a great match.

who did you buy it from?

definitely get maker's customer service involved, 

Yes they try to troubleshoot over the phone they told to give it more hours and should fixed tge issue. But I'm hopping they are winning time in case of a return 

Lose the TT for now. Try another source. A tuner or CD player, anything. (Or maybe you've already done this)You would know right away if it's bad. I've bought two brand new pieces of gear and both were doa. It's just a minor inconvenience waiting on the new shipment. 

I haven't use the TTyet just the cd I know is only 6 hours abdvwas told that it will improve after 50 hours bit they probably winning time in case of a return but I see with few more hours the outcome 

I'm going to give it a chance and play it around 60 hours to see only have 6

Usually this stuff goes from great to better.
Not from woeful to great.

And some of the “great to better” may also be psychological.
Most of the time I find it sounds a bit different when I swap gear in, but I am never sure if it really sounds different, or if I just want it to.
At best, it has been subtle.

Maybe some gear would be only be good to great, but seldom woeful to great.


Something is jacked up.
I usually start with this: 


It should be pretty good just from an iPhone or iPad. It should not sound unlistenable, and provides a decent way to test out the inputs without ground loops.

Please don’t think I’m trying to insult your intelligence, but more than once, in my excitement with a new purchase, I’ve managed to confuse my inputs with my outputs. Equipment probably shouldn’t even work this way, but it tries, and sounds awful until I realize my mistake. Unplug everything, take a rest/break and start over fresh or even with another set of eyes to monitor your efforts. Sh-t happens. Hope it works for you. 

Thks everyone for the advice but I return the preamp I let the luxman 505ux11 I'm using it as preamp wow what a combo m8s500 power amp with luxman 505ux11 amazing sound I will definitely keep that combo 

Thks everyone