Right channel only noise on a ew records

Every once in a while I get a record that has nasty "hashy" noise on only the right channel
the records played before and after it sound fine

it either lasts about 1/2 inch into the record or sometimes is pervasive over the whole side

what should I look for?

is this bad wear from a previous owner?
record off center?

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If this is a problem with used LPs, I'd suspect the LP ... unless you're having this problem with other sources. You can never be sure what you're getting when you buy a used LP.

Have these LPs been properly cleaned before playing? Is your stylus clean?
 You can change the anti-skating adjustment and see if that helps !

Only three records do this and it’s always the right channel

two for about a minute

1 most of the way through the side

it’s a shame as that one is a

Genesis UK first pressing Trespass

the UK pressing brings the dynamics to life

I haven't checked the other side

no other sources

I use a KLaudio ultrasonic cleaner

I use Magic Eraser about every 4th side

more frequent if I see something on the stylus

I hate to adjust anti-skate with it sounding great on everything else

what direction should I move this towards?


Try both directions. It only takes a few seconds to do this. You have nothing to lose!