Right channel makes raspy noise when playing records

Hi all
I have a Music Hall 5 TT with a Goldring cartridge. 6 months ago I replaced the stylus and it sounded great. yesterday I played brand new 180g vinyl  and there was a scratching sound from the right channel. It made this sound on every record and if touch the TT with the stylus sitting on the record, (not rotating) it still makes the sound.   I am pretty sure this is specific to the TT (tested the rest of the system and no problems. )  Do Cartriges degrade so suddenly ?

It is about 8 to 10 years old.
Visually inspect the stylus to see if it has somehow been bent/off center/etc.   or simply get a new cartridge.
In addition to stringreen's suggestion, try giving the stylus a good cleaning.  Might be something stuck on the side of the diamond tip giving you that odd sound on that right side only.  Might also be a chipped stylus?
Do I understand correctly that it makes this noise even if the stylus is sitting on a record but the turntable isn't spinning? If so, it sounds like the noise may be in your phono preamp.
Reverse the wires on the cartridge . If the right channel is still  scratching then you will know the problem is either the stylus or the cartridge.  Did you try putting the old stylus back to see if that works?

i did the reversal and indeed it is my phono preamp.  i have a tube preamp and believe the problem to be microphonic tubes as i have not replaced them in 9 years.

Check out Brent Jessee Tubes. I've bought some very nice NOS & used tubes from him. Service is great.