Right Channel louder than the left

I have a Nottingham Ace Spacedeck and the Ace Space Tonearm fitted with a Shelter 5000 cartridge (MC). I find that the right channel is slightly louder (more dominant) than the left channel (this is also reflected in the VU meters of the pre-amp Mcintosh C2200). I was wondering what my options are to correct this interms of adjustments. Would changing the anti-skate work or should I be looking at an azimuth adjustment (help needed on this one) or something else.
Also what equipment would I need to do this.

thanks in advance
The first thing I would do is reverse the leads from the TT/Phono to the pre-amp and see if this change is reflected on the VU meters. If it is the easiest thing to check first would be the anti skate after you check all of your IC's and wire routing to be sure connections are all solid.

Thanks. I did reverse the connections and the problem persists. I did fiddle with the anit skate but it does not seem to have much of an effect
I'm not surprised. Did you check the leads on the phono cartridge? Try reversing these leads and see if the channel reverses accordingly. You could have a problem in the cartridge itself.
WIll try this. Thanks
Do you have access to a tube tester? Cross check the output of your tubes from their corresponding locations in the right and left channels. Something in the left channel may show a significantly weaker or lower output than something in the right channel.
I dont have a tube tester but may be able to take the pre amp into a shop and see if I can use one there. Great idea
I had the same problem and spent time testing my 6SN7 tubes. They turned out fine, so I then tested azimuth using 1khz tones. There was definitely a problem with one channel "leaking" more than the other.

A very slight azimuth adjustment was all that was required. As a result, I now have significantly better imaging and soundstage.

I later learned that my Soundsmith re-tipped stylus is very, very sensitive to azimuth. From what I have read, it is a Fritz Geiger design. This has prompted me to buy a USB microscope, one recommended by by Mike at Continuum.
Before you truck tht pre-amp down to a techie simply switch the tubes in the phono stage from left to right. See if anything changes. If not, tubes are not your problem.
I actually just switched the input source to CD and the levels even out. I dont think its the preamp.
Dravid1, Doesn't the pre-amp have tubes in the phono section? If so, those would be the tubes that were referred to. Your other sources would not 'see' the phono stage tubes in the pre-amp so it is possible that those could be the problem even though your line stage tubes are fine. Just change the tubes from side to side, or better yet if you have some new tubes just try replacing them. If you don't have any extras, you should! :-)
I just switched the wires on the cartridge and the levels are OK. I switched them back and it looks like problem has gone away or is barely perceptible. Maybe a faulty connection that got resolved?
thanks for the help
Newbee you are right the AUX in (to which my phone stage is connected) does have its own tubes. The weird thing is that the problem has now gone away when I flipped the connections back and forth on the cartridge.
Get some Deoxit. You can find it online or at the Radio Shack.