right angle RCA adapters: will they harm sound?

I have very tight space requirements. I have some stiffer interconnects that I can only make work if I use right angle RCA adapters (I purchased what seem to be high quality ones made by Audioquest). I cannot do an a/b with and without the adapters. What are people's expereince with how these adapters affect sound quality?

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Eric,Brand name would be helpfull if you recall.JD
Eric, thanks for the helpful answer. If you don't know the brand name, what about the dealer?
Well the obvious answer to this question is...
Your cables were designed to sound a certain way with the connections that were provided.
Adding another piece of metal to the end would alter the manufactures design.

That being said, for certain applications couplers, right angles, adapters are ok. Such as home theater applications.
But, if you are really serious about your music (and I think you are because you asked the question), and you want the purist of sound , no adapter should be used.

My opinion.
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Ozzy --

To be sure this is correct theoretically and probably in actuality too.

What I'm trying to discover is whether -- in practice -- people have been able to discern a meaningful difference in sound quality when using these adapters. My options are to use them, or to go to considerable trouble and expense to switch interconnects.

If people generally report that they haven't really been able to hear a difference when using them, that would be useful to know. Similarly, if people have found that they are problemmatic sound-wise, that too would be useful to know.

Eric, thanks for the dealer name.
Ozzy has a good point about the metalurgy discontinuities. I previously used Audioquest adapters in another system, I never heard any degradation in sound. I am presently using Cardas XLR/RCA adapters in some locations in my present rig, hear no degradation. In the case of the Cardas adapters I'm using those with Cardas cables, thus, no metalurgy issues. I guess you'll just have to try for yourself, I would try to get an exact metalurgy match, adapters made by the same manufacturer as your cables would be even better. Call your cable manufacturer and see if he can make some up for you.
It is one of those thing that if I tell you it is there, you will think it does change the sound; if I don't tell you, you will never notice it is there.
The response you will get is that people who use adapters do not notice a difference.
Is that what you wanted to hear?
I used Audioquest right angle adapters connected to the XLR adapters for a Music Reference RM-200 to allow better dressing of the cables. I listened with and without the right angle adapters and could here no difference in the sound.
Thanks everyone. very helpful.