Right Angle Adapters

Okay, I just got my AQ Thunder Power cords today. Though they perform admirably, even at initial install, I am a bit unnerved by just how stiff and unyielding they are. I contacted AQ to ask about using a right angle adapter and was told by a gentleman with a British accent, that sound degradation would be minimal if I used one with continuous metal (ie. no cords).
Can anyone here recommend a good brand. 
I see Voodoo cable offers some, but at near $100, I think there must be some less expensive options.

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Hi Bob,

I’ve had good results with Audioquest’s own adapters, costing $14.95:


Note that you’ll need to select either the center pin down or the center pin up version of the adapter, depending on the orientation of the IEC connector in the particular component.

Also, be aware that if the component has its center pin up what you must select is the adapter that is referred to as "center pin down," aka IEC90/1, not IEC90/2.  Assuming, that is, that the power cord is to be inserted into the adapter from above.

And if the component has its center pin down, what you must select is the adapter that is referred to as "center pin up," aka IEC90/2.  Assuming, again, that the power cord is to be inserted into the adapter from above.

Been there, done that :-)

Finally, note that the item numbers used by Audio Advisor mistakenly translate Audioquest’s IEC90 model numbers into "ICE90."

Best regards,
-- Al
Thanks Al.
As always,  you provide great information.
From what I see, the 90 degree angle is either up or down. I was hoping to get something that went right or left, but I think I will give them a try nonetheless.

gdnrbob, the Audioquest is offered as a (straight) 90 degree only. Voodoo offers that plus one that changes the cord direction from straight to a right angle, as well as one that offers adjustable angles. All but the last are priced at $75, are really well made, and cryogenically treated (if that matters to you).

The problem I had with both the Audioquest and the Voodoo adaptors is that due to the stiffness and weight of beefy power cords, if the fit of the adaptor into the socket on the component it is used with is not sufficiently tight, the cord can cause the adaptor to pop out of the socket, obviously undesirable!

Thanks for the reply, and, yes, I agree with your assessment.
I ordered both the AQ and Voodoo adapters and will give them a try.
Hey, I just spent over $1K on these Power Cords, so what is another hundred or so?
I am a bit bummed by the fact that these companies put out a product that performs well, but doesn't work in real world conditions. The guy at AQ noted my concerns, but I doubt they will be taken seriously.
If I had some more time and money, I would design these things. Considering how some people are buying tuning bowls and tachyon field generators for sound reproduction, I think offering a solution to stiff power cable connecting might just be my retirement fund.