Right angle AC plug adapter?

I need a right angle AC plug adapter for a tight spot to plug my Furman 15i into. I’ve found this 14awg one:

And this:

I can't find any info on the gauge of the Panamax one.

Anything better out there? Any negatives in using this in this application?

Thanks for any input.
Adjustable Right-Angle IEC Adapter


Horizontal Right-Angle 15 amp IEC Adapter


Vertical Right-Angle 15 amp IEC Adapter


Adjustable Right-Angle AC Wall Outlet Adapter

jmc gave you the scoop on the best right angle adaptor (Voodoo), but if you want to spend less Audioquest also makes a pretty good one.
Thanks jmc,

I forgot to mention I need this on the wall end. The last one you have listed looks good but it might be overkill for my needs. I did some digging and it looks like the Panamax (seen it listed as Furman too) I listed above is 14awg. I only plug my display, AVR, Node 2, PS4, FIOS box and Nvidia Shied into the Furman 15i where I need the adapter. My amp is plugged directly into the wall in a different spot that has room.
Thanks bdp,

I'll hit the AQ site to see what they have.
Marinco (5266RA) 15A 125V SB RIGHT ANGLE PLUG