Riggle VTAF - easy or not to install?

I have ordered and received 2 VTAF's from Pete Riggle - for an OL Illustrious and Spacearm - and was looking forward to installing them until I opened the box. The contents look very intimidating to a non-engineer. Can any non-engineer who has successfully installed this give me some idea of the ease of installation or otherwise? Thanks.
I just went through this process for a Zeta arm which required a couple extra steps from the Origin/Rega setups. All the parts can be intimidating but much of this is to enlargen the armboard hole to accommodate the bushing. Once you do this, putting the bushing and adjustment wheel on the arm and the guide-post-base on the arm board, it truly is straight forward. Pete's instructions and web-site are excellent. You just need to read this a couple times to understand the subtle points he is trying to convey. Along with a custom brass arm board made by a machinist friend, this now works beautifully and looks great on a Clearaudio Ref TT.
sandpapering the hole is a drag. Takes time and that dust can get messy. After that is just as JaFox says. But it is very very worth it as it delivers a depth and space around instruments.