RidgeStreetAudio Poiema 3 IC'S?

Anyone tried these and what are your impressions? Thanks!
I think the word "excellent" would be a good choice of words. I have 4 pair of P3's in my systems. They offer exceptional detail and clarity, extended and powerful bass with the ability to render virtually a live performance. An exceptional choice for any application. Without doubt, I will be adding more!
These are exceptional cables and Robert is first rate. Silver done right. That being said there are a lot of cables I like, but you can't go wrong with these. A bit pricey and hardly come up used, just buy them and if you don't like them return them. You can't ask for more than that.

BTW - buy a Z-der block from Robert while you're at it.
Have to agree with Jaguar.Anything Ridge Street Audio does is Exceptional all the way. Robert refuses to be unlike everyone else! I have been using his cables from the start..Very pleased customer.Great guy to deal with too!
I concur with all of the above posts. Robert's cables and cords are exceptional, especially considering the price. I replaced much more expensive cables/cords in my system with RSAD and now I just listen to the music, no longer trying to analyze it. I cannot think of a higher compliment than that.
Robert is also about the nicest and friendliest guy on AudiogoN.

I recently had the opportunity to substitute a pair of balanced Ridge Street Audio Poiema 3 signature I/C's in place of Purist Audio Design Aqueous Anniversary I/C's. They were used between a Resolution Audio Opus 21 cdp and an Aesthetix Calypso preamp. I thought the differences were quite substantial in favor of the RSA Poiema. The Poiema's gave the music more air and life. I thought the Poiema was more extended in both frequency extremes. The front to back layering was far better, as well as some added width. The most important difference however was the inner detail and timbral accuracy that each instrument, and even notes posessed. The strings on Acoustic guitar had a much more complexed harmonic structure. I was hearing instruments conveyed in a far more thruthful manner. The Poiema's consistantly brought more inner detail to every instrument on the many discs I sampled. The Aqueous are known for having a mid-range liquidity and presence, so I thought perhaps they would out-perform the Poiema's in this area. The Poiema's midrange was nothing short of spectacular. It retained the liquidity of the Aqueous, but was more refined and overall a much more tonally balanced cable. There is nothing in the frequency spectrum that stands out more than anything else with the Poiema's, it is very coherent and balanced top to bottom. The Aqueous sounded slow, dark, a little thick, and veiled by comparison. I have used Purist's products for five years, and really think they are an outstanding product, however the Poiema's in my sytem were seriously good.I felt the differences between these two cables warranted a comment or two. Thanx
When you have so many good things to say about a product, it becomes difficult to decide where to begin. I first purchased a used pair of Poiema!! xlr interconnects because of the good things I'd heard about RSA products. I enjoyed them so much that I purchased a 1 meter Poiema !!! digital cable, a 1 meter pair of Poiema !!! xlr's (both new) and 1 used Zder block.
Every time a new cable has been installed it has resulted in a substantial improvement. I was previously using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval ic's and MIT terminator 3 digital cable. Trying to describe the change in performance sounds cliche, but there is improvement across the board. Everything now sounds more musically correct with incredible detail, very smooth frequency response, properly sized instruments, amazing imaging and soundstaging, and proper tonal balance. The cables sound incredibly fast without any harshness and have great pace, rhythm and timing.
I can go on and on about the sound but how do they make me respond to my system? Prior to installing the cables in my system I listened once or twice a week. With the Poiema!!! cables installed I listen twice a day and have trouble dragging myself away to do other things. My system is now much more enjoyable to listen to and that is what it is all about.
I like these cables so much, I have also ordered a Poiema !!! signature power cord. I will post my thoughts on it after I've had time to listen for a while. I plan to go through my entire system with RSA products as funds permit. I can also agree with all other posts that Richard is one of the friendliest people you will ever deal with on Audiogon. Try his products, you will be glad you did!
I'm glad you are enjoying the RSAD cables, they are great. Wait until you hear the P3 Sig power cords! I still have a couple of 'em myself, very nice. The gent's name is Robert Schulte though, not Richard. You are correct though, he is one of the 'good guys' that make this hobby fun.

BTW, I would be interested in hearing about your impressions of the Z-der block w/ and w/o the P3 Sig power cords. I thought about them, but sometimes I think I have too many 'tweaks'.

I knew that his name is Robert, I guess I should have proof read better (his last name does not have an e in it either). I have taken up quite a bit of his time, with which he is extremely generous. I had just got off the phone with my sister and we were talking about her husband Richard. For some reason, I had that locked in my head. For that Robert, I apologize.
I will let you know the results after I get the cord. It is a couple of weeks away right now. ROBERT's philosophy on power delivery is very interesting and makes alot of sense. If the Poiema signature power cord is like everything else of his that I own, I am sure I will be satisfied. To paraphrase ROBERT from one of our phone conversations, "anticipation is half the fun of upgrading". I whole heartedly agree.
I'd like to chime in. I own and use Poiema 3 balanced ICs and they have bested every previous ICs I've every owned. I've owned Harmonic Tech truthlink, Analysis Plus (don't recall the model), Grovers, and a few others I can't think of. The Ridge Street are just in a whole other league. Since I purchased the IC's from Robert, I have purchased the Poiema 3 Signature P/C, and the Poima 3 Sig. speaker cables. They have all made a wonderful improvement in my system. And Robert is a great guy to deal with. He takes high end audio very seriously and stands behind his products. I would highly recommend anyone to at the very least audition his cables in your own system. Robert offers a trial period (I think it's 45 days), which is plenty of time to listen for yourself.
I also was able to compare the balanced RSAD Poima !!! Signature and the balanced Purist Aqueous Anniversary I/C's in my system yesterday. These were the same pairs that RhythmAce4218 (Darrin) compared above. My conclusions were very similar to Darrin's.

Both I/C's are very good. The Aqueous appeared to be quieter and darker sounding overall; however, here is where my subjective impressions are hard to describe. To me it seemed that the Aqueous inhibited some of the signal to achieve this and as a result, the air around instruments and the ambience from the recording space were reduced. To me this is a coloration.

The Poima !!! Signature, on the other hand, passed more information along in a very natural way...when present on the recording, the hall was "energized", instruments were more naturally portrayed in real space, and nuanced detail was very acccessible. The Poima !!! Signature did NOT sound noisy...far from it. The Aqueous just made everything more darker and the silences "blacker", even when that did not sound natural.

Keep in mind that both of these I/C's are very good, but in my system I found myself drawn to the Poima !!! Signatures and after the initial few A/B's, wanted to leave them in and just listen to music through them...which I did for several more hours. I will certainly be considering RSAD cables in the near future.

I used these I/C's between my Esoteric UX-3 (with Statement mod from Steve Huntley) and my BAT VK51SE linestage. Other components were 7m of Purist Audio Design Museaus balanced I/C from preamp to Atma-Sphere MA1 Mk II.3 power amps, Magnepan MG3.6R speakers connected by 2m doubled up pairs of PAD Museaus speaker cable. Chris Venhaus Flavor 4 PC's were used on amps and preamp. Electraglide Mini-Khan PC to the Esoteric.

I promised a follow up once I got the Poiema!!! Signature power cord and it came in over the weekend. I used it to replace a PS Audio Extreme Statement and the difference is not subtle. I hate trying to describe this type of thing in audiophile terms so I will just say that the music sounds MUCH MORE like music and less like electronics. Every cable I've bought from Robert does this same thing but none of them as much so as the P3 Sig power cable. One is really drawn into the recording with these cables. It is really difficult to imagine these cables not sounding very good to stellar regardless of the system they are installed in. They tell it like it is; nothing more, nothing less.
To respond to John's question about the Z-der block after my last post, it really works quite well. Robert's theory on power delivery is to correct the power factor of the electricity coming from your wall outlet. Power factor is the delay between the voltage and current of the supplied AC. The Z-der block and all of his power cords are designed to reclock the voltage/ current relationship. Put a Z-der block in series with the P3 Sig power cord and it takes it to another level. It also works well with other power cords.
I talked with Robert today and I am about 90% sure that I am going to buy a pair of his Alethias power cords for my power amps. Every thing he has said about his products has been right on the mark. My system has never sounded so good and I am looking forward to it sounding even better. If I do purchase the Alethias cords I will post the results on a new thread.
Hi Chris,

Congrats on the new cord! I still have a pair of Poiema!!! Signature's on my monoblock amps, and they are fantastic. I've also just received a Alethias! Signature power cord, but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Too many toys, too little time. I'll let you know what I think when I get a chance.

Thanks for the quick review on the Z-der blocks, I may have to look into them. Do you find they work best on the source, preamp, amp or power conditioner?

Hi John,
I tried the Z-der block at multiple points in my system. It made a difference no matter where I put it. I only have one so when I used it for my amps, I actually put it on the inlet to my conditioner for the amps (PS Audio UPC-200). In my system I liked it best either there or in series with the Poiema 3 sig power cord which is on my Denon 3910 dvd player.
There is also a thread on Audiogon about the Z-der block where several users comment on its usefullness. I initially found the thread thru the RSA website under the accessories category. there is a link there that takes you to the thread. Hope this helps.
Happy listening, Cris.
I use a Z-der block on my transport it made an improvement. I really didn't know how much of one until I took it out for a bit due to a component swap. It's back in now and doing its thing quite well. I'm considering getting one for my DAC as well.

Can anyone tell me if the RDAD power cords are shielded? I have their IC and know that Robert does not shield those (although it is an optio he offers).
I do not believe the power cords are sheilded, but it's best to ask Robert to make sure.

I'll look into the Z-der blocks, thanks for the tip. Could you describe the improvement? Your comment about not realizing how much of an improvement until you remove it reminds me of my experiences with Walker Audio Reference HDL's and Bybee Purifiers. 'Tweaks' that I've found to be helpful.

Another vote for the Signature Power Chord. I have had 2 in my system for about a month. I replaced them with an Audience chord, which is itself one of the first chords I thought really made a difference to my system. The P!!! chords were a big step up. The improvement seems across the board, but in a nutshell, more life and dynamics more musical. Having said that, all aspects of performance seemed better, except perhaps imaging, but that is'nt an issue for me.
One interesting aside, I had been troubled by an intermittent, very obtrusive transformer hum from my Karan K180. It has quite gone with the Poiema, why I am not sure, but I am not complaining.

When I put the Z-der block back in my system after about a month haitus, the improvements I heard were related to clarity and focus. More detail and better image stability. As I mentioned, I thought there was an improvement upon first putting them in the system, but I really couldn't put my finger on it. The sound seemed to have a little more presence is all I could surmise. After taking the Z-der block out of the system for about a month, I felt the sound had become a bit more subdued. I'm not sure how the thing works, but it does in my system.
Robert's Poiema Signature 3 Power Cord gets my emphatic vote too. David12 above mentions improvements in all areas, "...except perhaps imaging.." In my system, imaging benefits tremendously also, especially in one significant way I've NEVER heard so dramatically before---image height.
Does it get any better than the Poiema!!! interconnects? I'm blown away after only 2 days of listening. My search is over and the RSAD Poiema's will connect my entire system, once I get the funds!