Ridge Street Poeima vs. Silver Audio Appassion

Has anyone compared these two silver ic's? Which one has the more natural, organic sound?
I have not personally auditioned the "Appassion" cables, but I did audition the "Hyacinths". I have, however, auditioned myriad other cables both high and low cost over many years. One can end up chasing their tail searching for tiny differences and then wondering if they're "really sure" one cable was better than the last, let alone five cables ago. In the end, I found that the Ridge Street Cables ("Poeima!" in my case) were just so damn "real" to the music that I settled on those. Oh, I suppose there MIGHT be a cable or three out there that MIGHT provide some scintilla of performance improvement or that might "go" better with a given system. I will say that after using the RSA cables, I thoroughly enjoy the music and really never find myself wondering what some other cable might sound like in my system. To me, that is an invaluable piece of mind in this hobby.
Have to agree with 4yanks also.If you generally already like what you system sounds.The Poiema will take it to another level . Its a neutral cable so it won't change the color just fine tune it ,and definetly brings out more music/detail while sounding natural and not artificial...
Silver Audio cables tend to be fast a bright, IMO. They are similar in constuction to Kimber's rope lay design.
FWIW, the Poiema is great, and so are the Silver Audios. The SA's are faster, more open, and to say they are "bright" was not quite the right word in my system, but yes, they aren't laid back and "warm." When I think "bright" I think Nordost Red Dawns, if that helps.

The problem I ran into when I "Poiema'd out" my system is everything became *too* smooth. Robert at RSAD gave me some ideas for fixing the problem, and I may go down that road in the future, but not just yet.

Good news for you is that resale values for both these cables - unless you must have the latest iteration of Poeima - is ridiculously low here at a'gon right now. I've been trying to sell my RSAD speaker cables and SA Jetstream IC here for a couple months, even taking sizable losses over what I paid for them, but to no avail. You should be able to strike a great deal on either (I'm speaking generally here, not pitching my own gear, I promise!) if you want to try both.

Both are remarkable cables, and I would venture to say that one of the two will be a keeper in your system for a very long time.

Good luck in your quest.

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