Ridge Street Audio Speakers

I spoke with Robert from RSA this morning, and he mentioned they have a speaker line. The cabinets are made of granite.

Has anyone heard these speakers to comment on them?

If you go to the Positive-Feedback website they have,in their archives, a lenthy review of the speaker that you are interested in. Hope this helps.
Howard - I used to be involved in a local audio group where Robert auditioned his speakers. There were a number of problems with the room, not the least of which was the size of the room and the amount of static in the air. The room was painfully dry, which effected the way the speakers sounded.

With those factors in mind, I think Robert has done a very good job in the design Steve developed. The speakers are a small two way design, but have been very well thought out and built. In an average sized room with a reasonable level of humidity the speakers should be very impressive. If you can get anywhere near them for an audition, I doubt that you would be dissapointed, unless you're looking for something to plumb the depths of the bass register.

There is a review of them by one of the guys in the audio group if you go to the RSA site. You can subtract 10% from his comments as embelishment, but for the most part it was accurate.
I talked at length with Robert from RSA; they have a PHENOMENAL deal on their Sasons right now. If I had the money today I would have ordered them on the spot.

If anyone here has been interested in these speakers NOW is the time to give Robert a call!!