Ridge Street Audio MSE Gen.ll speaker cable

May I ask what people think of this speaker cable good or bad? fast,slow, bright, muddy,detailed and so on. Also what cables have you compared it with or audition with it?? ANY help would be appreciated
I have the Poiema! biwire and it is fast and well balanced in my system. The Poiema! replaced Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 BiOval speaker cables. Do a search, some other folks have reported their experience with the MSE G2.
Research the reviews, there have been several written that answer your questions and more.
Click on my reviews.
In my system , The Poeima , sounds like Im using "no cables". I cannot detect any sonic signature in the cables.
I cant say they are bright , dark , lean , full, forward, recessed...IMO..they just get all the sound from Point A to Point B, without drawing attention to themselves.

Basics of my system are a Classe CDP-10 , an Integra Research RDC-7 pre , Classe 301 AMP , and Legacy Signature III speakers.
Lak, ewe are *lurking*. Early bird gets the worm...
Lak, I noticed in you reviews that you have used Cardas Golden Ref.. I have the same Gold. Ref. int. and SCs. Would you mind giving me an idea od how the Poima compares specifically to the Golden Ref.? I have Merlin VSMs. By the way, I bought the MSE digital cable. It is excellent. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks, Brooks
All I can say is that on my soild state and tube system there is no comparison what so ever. The MSE Gen. II surpasses the Cardas in every way. The music also sounds more live like, as in a live performance.
Lak, Thanks a lot. I will give them a try.
I will second what Lak has said, having done the same comparison - and in comparison to AZ Satoris and Holos and Red Dawns. The Midnights have been just the ticket for me in my SS and tube system. I use the IC's too and they were better then SEVERAL others I tried.