Ridge Street Audio cables vs. others

I´m researching RSAD cables. I´m really interest on the Poeima Rev.3 standard and Signature, and the new Alethias.
I couldn´t find reviews so I decide to start this thread.
I want to know how good they are ? Could you compare with other brands ?
Anybody thried the Poeima Signature or the new Alethias ?
All your experience will help me.
I've previously owned Poiema!, Poiema!!! speaker cables and interconnects respectively. I do not currently own any RSAD cables. I do however currently own two Poiema!!! Signature power cords. To me the 'house sound' of RSAD cables and cords is very fast, articulate and revealing. Not quite as revealing as the Nordost Valhalla, but that is a good thing, to me anyway. I liked the RSAD cables better than the Valhalla cables/cords. The imaging is very good, and the soundstage is large, but a bit forward for my tastes. I prefer more of a mid-hall presentation that cables/cords such as PAD, Stealth and Jade present. I'm aware that others prefer a more immediate presentation. The RSAD are not as forward as some cords that I've heard though, but they are on the forward side of average I'd say.

So, it depends what you are looking for. If you seek lively, articulate cables with a more immediate presentation then you will enjoy the RSAD brand. If OTOH you are looking for vibrant tonal colors, musicality, bass weight, a deep 3-D soundstage or such, you may be better off looking elsewhere. There is no one right cable that will be all things to all people.

FWIW, I haven't heard any of Robert's Alethias! cables or cords. Also Robert is a perfect gentleman and a pleasure to speak with.

I knew I had read a review somewhere of the Alethias.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?rcabl&1190044367&read&keyw&zzalethias
They are decent cables for the money. Try to compare several brands and see what sounds best in your system.