Rick Schultz`s new cable

hi guys
let me start by saying i don`t have any financial interest with Rick`s new cable.he is a great friend of mine from 8 plus years ago.i bought his first Virtual Dynamics cables and finally step all the way up to his Genesis power,interconnects and speaker cables.
about a year ago he was working on a prototype new interconnect for a great entry level price.i sold my Genesis interconnects and speaker cables.i was afraid if i was doing the right thing by selling.he told me that this new technology would blow away the heavy and hard to work with Genesis.
out of the box they were as good if not better than the Genesis.they just continued to get better.about 500 plus hours they were jaw dropping.the sound is very natural,soundstage is huge,it fills the room.everything is out front and powerful and dynamic.
the last time i had talked to him he was hoping to get things going some time in 2012.
in this hobby we are always looking to get our systems to some kind of musical nirvana.i think i have finaly found mine.
Happy Holidays to all
Agisthos: Well with all the money that they have invested and the work we all have put into this my hope is that when Al gets some he might think just think so. :-)
i am very very happy with the older prototypes which i have in my system.from what Rick has learned from the older prototypes i would be very surprised if they are not as good or better then what i have.
I did hear the New Prototype cable compared to the U.Clear, Rick was In Vancouver B.C. visiting a good buddy of mine Cujo! Rick brought along the new cable and we were able to compare to the broken in UC cables that Cujo was using.Cujo's reference system is a Wadia 9 series with Jadis 300b monos with the Verity Sarastros. We first listened to the Damien Rice track with the old Uc and then switched cables to the new prototypes. Within the first few seconds one was able to hear a profound difference in loudness as well as the remarkable clarity that wasn't there with the UC cable.This new cable was markedly better in every parameter, I felt that it was A THIRD BETTER and was stone cold to the system! Due to Rick's limited time we were not able to spend more than a few cuts before the session came to an end.This new cable is a world beater and delivers what is most important to me @ the music in spades@. I am waiting with baited breathe until the release of this cable!Cheers Dennis
Hi Dennis
how are you?i remember talking to you years ago about the Genesis cables.i believe you were fixing your BMW.the prototype were a big step above the UC.
I have two pairs of the original UC RCA's and one older prototype UC RCA used as Digital interface, unbelievable sound.

These new UC's should really sound off the charts!