Rick Schultz`s new cable

hi guys
let me start by saying i don`t have any financial interest with Rick`s new cable.he is a great friend of mine from 8 plus years ago.i bought his first Virtual Dynamics cables and finally step all the way up to his Genesis power,interconnects and speaker cables.
about a year ago he was working on a prototype new interconnect for a great entry level price.i sold my Genesis interconnects and speaker cables.i was afraid if i was doing the right thing by selling.he told me that this new technology would blow away the heavy and hard to work with Genesis.
out of the box they were as good if not better than the Genesis.they just continued to get better.about 500 plus hours they were jaw dropping.the sound is very natural,soundstage is huge,it fills the room.everything is out front and powerful and dynamic.
the last time i had talked to him he was hoping to get things going some time in 2012.
in this hobby we are always looking to get our systems to some kind of musical nirvana.i think i have finaly found mine.
Happy Holidays to all
So Virtual Dynamics disappears but Rick is still selling cables? What's his new company called? Did he close out Virtual Dynamics without leaving any buyers hanging? I'm just curious.
How much is this new wonder cable?
Is this the cable he brought to RMAF in 2010?

Saw it heard it in 2 different systems.
Are you talking about the Ultra Clear?
Hi Al, this is Rick, thanks for sharing and I am really glad you like your cables. I know you have had these for some time now that I think of it. Time sure does fly by, or maybe I am just getting old.
It is maybe time I gave an update and address a few questions.
I will be brief and to the point.
Good question, and no I am not still selling cables. However I do now work for a company who will be selling a pretty exciting new cable technology, and yes, I am one of the designers involved. The company I work for is called High Fidelity Cables. Virtual Dynamics in closing did fill all open orders.
The first cable we will offer from High Fidelity Cable is an RCA and it is selling for $1500.00 available mid January.
The cable you heard in our after hours session at RMAF was a prototype that we did not pursue further. Al's is a different cable
No, not Ultra Clear either, Al has something differnt.
However Ultra Clear owners should contact me personally. Especially if they have experienced problems with the cable and have it in there possession. I would like to help them resolve any issues. Contact me right here through Audiogon e-mail.
Merry Christmas to all
i had issues with the ultra clears.i had a couple of pins break off.
no these cables are leaps above them

Here's a link: Cables
I've heard these cables and they are truly excellent.

The sound was above my expectations.

One pair of early prototypes did have problems with RCA pins.

Haven't heard the production versions as I primarily use balanced cables.
"One pair of early prototypes did have problems with RCA pins."

Oh no here we go again not pins falling off and breaking.

No info on what wire is being used on the Web so is this the Ultra Clear coax cable with 3 Cent magnets incognito?
Okay confusion!
We have two topics here.
Topic One: Al has some cables he got from me and he likes them they are something I was working on at one time shortly after closing Virtual Dynamics.
Al's cables were never brought to market or made availble to the public.
Different topic now.
Topic Two: I ended up going to work for a new company called High Fidelity Cables. This company has not produced any product yet, they have never shown any prototypes except on the website for pictures and product is not expected until mid-January.

Note: Don't confuse or try to match up High Fidelity Cables with anything that I, Rick Schultz ever built. They are two separate things.

So what can I say about High Fidelity Cables. Well I can say it is much more professional than anything I have ever been involved with.
I have heard what High Fidelity Cables has been working on and I am excited.
yes i had problems with the pins as you had stated.i can tell you that these cables are NOT constructed like the ultra clears.these are the real deal.
" High fidelity cables are tested. In controlled tests, a systems measurable improvement, system wide, of 14% THD and 14% IMD. Signal to noise, improved by 1.5db. This test was conducted with RCA cable using Magnetic Conduction. It was conducted by a third party in controlled environment. (These results will vary with different systems) "

Rick, were these measurements made with the Nordost software?
Hi Rick,

What wire is used in these IC's?
Agear, I know it was not Nordost.
I also know we do not test cable directly rather we test the effect of cable on a piece of equipment. The claim states, it was the "system's measurable performance". The electronics were measured rather than the cable to test the "effect" of the cable to the system. I am not sure if anyone else does it this way.
That is what their software essentially does: http://www.stereophile.com/rmaf2010/nordost_and_vertex_measurements/index.html
Agear: That is good info I will pass it on to our guys see if they want to look into it. Thank you!
Glory: Hi Gary, Conductor is called CT-1 it was custom made for High Fidelity Cables. I will e-mail you shortly so we can chat.
Rick, is it copper based?
Let me see what I can find out on the materials for you, I know it will be next week before I get back on that however.
Holidays :-)
Same to you...
The secret sauce seems to be something called 'magnetic conduction' according to the website.

Rick does this mean these cables in some way use magnets? My past experiences of such cables using magnetic technology have been amazing to begin with, but then the sound deteriorates over time. I have had reports of others using magnetic power cables that had the same thing occur.

My theory is either the magnets start to wear out, or they start to magnetize the components causing a deleterious effect on the sound.

Im not saying High Fidelity Cables does this or even uses magnets, but I am wary none the less.
i probaly have about 500 to 600 hrs.on the the prototypes that i got from Rick.my sound has gotten better over time not worse.
Conductor material: Well I did talk to enough people in the company now to tell you we will not be disclosing conductor material info. It is an alloy but we can't say what it actually is until the patent's are through at the very least, so this will stay a secret. Sorry!

Thanks so much for the suggestion and sale of neodymium magnets as replacements of fuses in the audio signal path of my sound system. Tom

What does this super magnetic fuse do better than other highend fuses?
Is the patent a design patent.....or one with sustainable claims for a unique, proprietary material?
That is "not" a good idea, please do not replace fuses with anything but a fuse!
Magfan: Sorry, I know your just curios but we do not disclose patent information.
Same to you...
Hey Rick, does this mean Alpass cables are the older prototypes you worked on, and the new stuff by High Fidelity Cables is even better again?
Agisthos: Well with all the money that they have invested and the work we all have put into this my hope is that when Al gets some he might think just think so. :-)
i am very very happy with the older prototypes which i have in my system.from what Rick has learned from the older prototypes i would be very surprised if they are not as good or better then what i have.
I did hear the New Prototype cable compared to the U.Clear, Rick was In Vancouver B.C. visiting a good buddy of mine Cujo! Rick brought along the new cable and we were able to compare to the broken in UC cables that Cujo was using.Cujo's reference system is a Wadia 9 series with Jadis 300b monos with the Verity Sarastros. We first listened to the Damien Rice track with the old Uc and then switched cables to the new prototypes. Within the first few seconds one was able to hear a profound difference in loudness as well as the remarkable clarity that wasn't there with the UC cable.This new cable was markedly better in every parameter, I felt that it was A THIRD BETTER and was stone cold to the system! Due to Rick's limited time we were not able to spend more than a few cuts before the session came to an end.This new cable is a world beater and delivers what is most important to me @ the music in spades@. I am waiting with baited breathe until the release of this cable!Cheers Dennis
Hi Dennis
how are you?i remember talking to you years ago about the Genesis cables.i believe you were fixing your BMW.the prototype were a big step above the UC.
I have two pairs of the original UC RCA's and one older prototype UC RCA used as Digital interface, unbelievable sound.

These new UC's should really sound off the charts!
Hi Al,
the new cable is breathtakingly musical,it doesn't seem to change the fabric of the music. If anything, you feel like the depth of the musicaL signal has more energy and is way more involving.The resolution is another area that set a standard in my mind, giving you a very detailed yet musical presentation that is very convincing and yet,totally non fatiguing.
I wish the system ( maybe in my next life I will own a Wadia 9!)could have had more than one hour with the new cable! This new technology is a winner for all those people who want to hear their music up close and personnel.
I am running a complete UC system and this cable sets a new musical standard that I am anxious to hear in my own rig!Take care Dennis
i was blessed that when Rick was working on the new prototypes, beside the ic`s i also have the speaker cable prototypes.i now have the ultimate system according to my ears
Happy new year from paris france to all the audiophiles and all live music lover ...!..let me make it clear cause it's a matter of clarity* THIS BABY* MAKE ALL THE I.Cs AVAILBLE TO DAY OBSELET.Is that clair..!..and .I have compared it to some top ic.*purist cble,valhala & many others.believe me it stand up alone when others fail..thx to xmas-father.Rick.shultz..for this gift.2012.
Hi Al,
sorry for the late response! I think that this new cable is the most practical from an end users perspective ( Wrestling a 17lb Exodus comes to mind), that RS has ever done. If you have a similar cables as I heard, then you definitely have something special! I am hoping to get a pair in the next month or two, depending on the launch. Apparently the speaker cables are done as well, so the future is bright! Cheers dennis
hi guys...Any one can tell when the speakers cables with the Xlr version be available...?..lot of people would like to know here in paris.thx.
Chahed, we have all the drawings done on the speaker cable connectors and I expect them to be a product in about 3-4 months as we finalize from the various prototypes we will build.
XLR however we have not even started drawings on yet so these will be maybe fall or winter with any luck. Development takes a long time as we design every part from scratch and the XLR will indeed be the most challenging connector we do.
Yo Rick - Happy New Year. It would be a good thing if you returned my calls.... :-)

Harve, I just got back from CES and ended up sick. Call me again please! Good to hear from you old freind!
apparently all the #'s I had for you changed. Where are u reachable? You can send me a PM if you wish....
Sure Sure Hyper You can fold and re-open another company and then magically fold again 6 months later, pop back up out of nowhere.
I Personally spent a good deal of time and cash on VD products and well,took a LOT of searching to repair my david 2.0 ics, Given the circumstances of folding, ceasing communications, and the way the domain was abandoned, Well Wont be switching to the new brand.
"Sure Sure Hyper You can fold and re-open another company and then magically fold again 6 months later, pop back up out of nowhere."

I ran Virtual Dynamics for nearly 10 years starting early 2001, closing early 2010. The new company will start selling early 2012, just 11 years later.

"I Personally spent a good deal of time and cash on VD products and well, took a LOT of searching to repair my David 2.0 ics,"

I was always available here at Audiogon, my personal contact never removed and I had a Virtual Dynamics e-mail for about six months after closing for sales. I helped those I could personally, and in most cases without charge. I maintained repairs for over a full year after closing. However I am truly glad you found help regardless of my situation.

"Given the circumstances of folding, ceasing communications, and the way the domain was abandoned, “

After releasing the last of my staff the website was harder to maintain to say the least and with the business now closed I thought maintaining the website was unnecessary, my apologies however.

“Well Wont be switching to the new brand."

I know the new company will be missing out. Loyal and understanding customers are hard to find and it seams as though you were loyal and understanding to the end and past. Sorry to have lost you. Sorry I disappointed you, and I am sorry I was unable/unaware to help in your case.
Best wishes in your future audio endeavors.

Rick Schultz
Honestly, I think Rick is a most human and sincere individual, a rarity in this hobby.

No affiliation, just a loyal and very happy end user.
Well Rx8man if you saw the issues with my R-Series David 2.0 ICS there were NUMEROUS issues, including what we suspect caused issues with resistor R12 on an ADA PF-2501, had the pair sitting around for a LONG time, unable to find info, spent my own time seatching for repair
happened to bring them to someone at CES for retermination at my own expense.

Site Abandonment
Claim of Moving and re-opening
No Contact for repair service

Its called going dark and as far as I am concerned VD went dark.
Maybe the Judge cable was built better,course the price is an
HONEST 50-60,000,now that's a joke,let the milking begin.
You can buy a top notch pre and amps for that.
But hey,keep the faith,it'll pay off(LOL)
Bi0 and Drummer, I had to eat an expensive pair of tube mono blocks that went south with a shipping company, no recourse, no nothing, I was basically told to go pound rock salt HONEST.
Yes that is truly funny. I am not sure why that legend is spreading so well, that thing will be a million dollars one day! It is truly hilarious! LOL I just wish I would have sold one of the 50-60k legends. I mean just "one" would have been nice. Real Nice!!! :-) (LoL)