Rick James - Rest In Peace

This one REALLY hit me hard...

Rick James, yes the hard living, rough loving, megastar of pop funk has died. Say what you will about his lifestyle, he was a heck of a bass player, a real showman, and a great entertainer. Seeing him break the Mary Jane Girls in feels just like yesterday to me.

One thing about the folks who made the music of your youth, when they pass on, it goes right through you, like a spike through the heart.

Will miss you always, Rick! God bless you.

As I ALWAYS say, they're putting one hell of a band together up there!
Agree on music of our youth and and Rick's unique style but.....Up there? If there is an up there, then there definatly is a down there where you'll find Ol Rick suckin on a pipe, Jerri curls on fire and slappin some Mary Jane's around.
i have a mental image of the flamin jerri curls,hahaha, i love it.

well, he was a super freak!!!!
Called the cops when my dope smokin neighbor played super freak 30 day in a row at 2 am and at full volume. My wife and I stll joke about it. It was super freaky. I bought one of his cd's with super freak on it on the day of his death. R.I.P. Rick
Yeah, the news surprised me too. He was only 56; but it seems they were "high-mileage" years.

I have said, jokingly, that my son Eric James was named after Rick James, but maybe I wasn't really joking. My son (fortunately) is nothing like James, but he does like his music.

Rick James will definitely be missed!
He was great. He was one-of-a-kind. He was Rick James, bitch!

RIP, Mr. James.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
...'he was great'...he was a piece of shit....this was a 'great guy' who tied up his girlfriend and then tortured her and burned her....what a class act.....when are you guys going to stop putting celebrities like this idiot on pedistals?..was he talented?..yes ..but but that's where his worth to society stopped.
Calloway, lighten up! Everyone's got a few little quirks and eccentricities. Hey, I'm sure his girlfriend could have left if she really wanted to; maybe she chose to hang around for the "perks" despite James's abuse. Unless you were there, you don't know the whole story.

Many highly-creative people have disasterous social lives and are all but non-functional in society. But without the contributions of these talented artists, the world would be a much less interesting place. Get with the program, sheesh.
Calloway, I appreciate the fact that you are honest with your feelings. All too often, many sugar coat their beliefs about a person once they pass on. I don't like that whatsoever. I prefer people to be upfront. Politeness, over all else, is a dangerous thing.

The purpose of this thread is a tip of the hat to Rick James - warts and all (and there were A LOT of them). Some will like him, some will not, and some will be in the middle.

Thanks to you and everyone else for your participation,