Richter's Well Tempered Clavier

I recently bought the cd version of Richter's recording of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier.

The sound is pretty bad: A combination of muffled + reverb-ish that is hard to listen to after a few minutes.

Is there an alternate cd version that is better? LP?
Try the Well tempered Clavier by Bernard Roberts and also by Tatiana Nikolayeva (if you can find it).. Both are excellent.

I appreciate the suggestion, but what I'm looking for is whether a better-sounding version of Richter's recording is available.
If vinyl is part of your system it is often available on Ebay, there are a few examples to go through. He was exceedingly fond of Bach, believing it was necessary to cleanse ones hearing.
If Richter is your first choice search out LP's. But honestly if you want a fine recording and performance I suggest you look elsewhere. Even Ralph Kirkpatrick's recording on DG would be a better choice, though the recording is close miked. If it were up to me my first two choices (harpsichord purist) would be Davitt Moroney's and Gustav Leonhardt on Harmonia Mundi and lastly Helmut Walcha on EMI Electrola/Odeon on LP. You can find the Moroney on CD.
Oh, forgot to mention Kenneth Gilbert's recording on Archiv, a beautiful interpretation. Quite elegant and a fiery sort of poise when called to task.
Uru975: Thank you for the eBay suggestion. Is it true that the LP versions lack the weird muffled sound of the cd version? (The one I have is RCA Gold Seal.) Any idea why the cd version is so bad?
Hi Jim,
Was wondering what you were referring to so just played the first three preludes on a Richter Lp with a Melodiya label but mastered by Capitol. Then listened to the same by Glenn Gould on Columbia. Very different styles, that aside what you may be hearing is the difference is set up, microphones, and hall. Based just on sound it would be my guess, heavy on the word guess, that Gould's was in a studio and more closely miked, whereas Richter's was in a hall or stage and miked further back. My basis for this, is the decay is more noticeable in Richter's playing, but that could also be just a difference is style or manner. In the Gould it sounds tighter and closer hence a smaller space and/or more closely miked. Hope that helps have not heard any CD versions so can not relate anything concerning them.
Uru975 (aka Michael)
Thanks Michael. From what you say, it sounds like the problem may be limited to the cd version on RCA. (If the same problem was on LP, you would have noticed it as a problem, not as a difference in set-up, because everyone who listens to the cd version finds it completely unlistenable after a few minutes.)
btw: Here is a youtube video of two selections from the cd. Th excessive decay/echo is relevantly similar to what is heard on a good system. Please let me know if the LP is an improvement.
Hi Jim,
The Lp is definitely an improvement. The clear lines of playing and music/sound that issue from Richter are quite clean and very easy to follow. Yes there is some reverb BUT unlike the example on Youtube it sounds like it is in a more open or larger space, the box and insert give no indication as to where it was recorded. The sound on youtube is more similiar to the Gould in terms of immediacy. Only have Book II so while the preludes were in the same key and same number slightly different in presentation.
Whether my system is a good one is a bit more subjective, but thanks for the thought.
Also interested in the Richter LP. Love his playing. I have Gould's which is my single favorite recording of anything by anyone, and also recommend Vladimir Feltsman.