Richard Grey 1200S VS Chang lightspeed

Richard Grey 1200S VS Chang lightspeed, which of the one does not limit dynamic range from the power-amps ??
Which one is more musical ?
I could be wrong but we're talking apples and pears here The best usage for Chang is whole systems as in home theater.The RG product costs more and should KILL the Chang. How about PS vs RG ? Thus apple vs apple
RG to PS really isn't apples to apples either, but closer. That said, I listened to a Chang Lightspeed product and an RG 400 in my system and found that, sonically, the Chang did more to increase openness & spaciousness, but the RG did more to increase dynamics (micro & macro) and also opened things substantially tho not as much as the Chang. Both products made nice improvements but I bought the RG 400, mainly because I really liked the improved dynamics & was willing to sacrifice the nth bit of spaciousness. (My system consists of JMLab Daline 6.1's, Cary CAD 300B amp, Melos MA-333 preamp, EAD transport & DAC, and VPI HW19III Benz M09 cartridge, Kimber Select cables). "YMMV"