Richard Gray's Power Company

Hello friends, any opinions on the RGPC 600S and Pole Pig?
Thank you in advance
I looked at the 600 and tried it at home then tried the Running Springs and now own a RS Jaco. I felt it offered more sonic benefit. I did not try thr RGPC on the video but I have heard that is thier strong suit
I had the RGPC 600 along with 400s and the power cords etc. After a lot of listening, tweeking and what have you; I concluded that I was experiencing the same negative elements that were spelled out in Stereophile's review by Fremer. Transformers parading as power conditioners can be real trouble in many systems. With so many good choices, why go with something that has a patchy track record up to this point??
I`ve had both Running Springs Audio and Richard Gray. I went the Running Springs Danielle and Duke. Wonderful pieces and made a huge difference in my system. For the money they can`t be beat at least in my system. I`ve also used Shunyata and MIT. Running Springs is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
I like my 600s and SubStation, great for video and protects my expensive cj equipment, like the substations softstart. Marked improvement over nothing but my oyaide outlets.