Richard Gray's Power Company

This is a huge inductor in parallel with the power line. It's supposed to act like an electronic flywheel to smooth out power supply fluctuations. I like the concept. Has anyone had personal experience with this device? Did you use it with the low powered front-end components, the high powered amp, or everything? What improved or worsened?
Richard lives here in New Orleans and is a real nice approachable guy. I have tested his Power Company in my system, it gave things a much better resolution and low level detail, mid afternoon power sounded like late evening ideal power. It was very resolving on the amp, pre and transport.

I did not try it on my Proton TV but can only image it would improve that as well

waiting for that extra $700 in change to pick one up


has anyone compared it to balanced power setups like equi-tech???

I plugged my entire HT system into it and was very pleased with the results. The biggest difference I noticed is how much the picture on my 60" Sony TV improved.
I had a unit in my primary system for about a year and have
recently moved it to our cabin (second system). Overall, I
believe it produced a positive net result although I believe
that some of the negatives pointed to in the Stereophile
review were also present in my system. I have been an
audio enthusiast for 30 years and have come to appreciate
the need for synergy in a system. As such, I would encourage
you to 'try before you buy'.
Prior to my RGPC S400 I was using a Monster 2500 which is a very good unit for its price. I have everything plugged into it with the exception of my amps. The difference between the two units were night and day. The Monster made a huge difference in my audio system when I first inserted it into my system. The biggest change was that I noticed my sound stage become more quiet with less backround noise. The RGPC took everything to another level. A much much better bottom end, smoother and warmer highs and an even quieter soundstage. I've also noticed better blacks in my front throw projector. Hope this helps.
I've never tried one of these myself, but i'd like to. I think that Duke from AudioKinesis has experience with them and was impressed with what they did. As Tom mentioned, Richard Gray is from New Orleans and Duke is right in that neck of the woods also. While this could be a case of the "good old boy network" supporting each other, i have too much respect for Duke to believe that. Maybe he'll chime in with his observations concerning the RGPC products. Sean
Sean -

Richard Gray and I have become friends, but I didn't know him when I first tried his unit. He's also a member of our local audio club - last month we met at his house. So I understand if people feel a grain of salt is warranted when Duke comments on Richard's products. The results definitely are system-dependent, and to the best of my knowledge all of their dealers offer no-risk in-home evaluations.

Anyway, back when the first production run was just coming out, one of my customers suggested I contact Richard and see about trying the unit. I'd never met Richard before, but he loaned me two prototypes (they only had one outlet each). I tried them in my system and loved what they did, so I asked if I could buy them. He declined. Over the course of the next month or so I bought six of the units from his local retailer for almost full retail, to use in my own demo system. I felt they made that much of an improvement. I couldn't become a dealer because there is already a dealer in town, so my voting with my wallet in this case was indeed sincere. Normally a dealer only sinks his money into products he can carry, since otherwise there is no return on his investment. I figured my return would be a better demo of my big Sound Lab speakers and amps to drive them, and so far so good (Sound Lab recently told me that I'm the biggest dealer they've ever had, so my demo's must not suck too bad).

Richard and I have since become quite good friends - I was over at his house until nearly midnight last night swapping lies and speaker designs. He is an absolute prince of a man. And I oughtta know - after all, I'm a

Duke, are you Irish by chance ? Between sitting up with Richard and "swapping lies" all night and the way that you phrased your last sentence, i would swear that you're full of "blarney" : )

Thanks for chiming in with your first hand experience. The fact that you are willing to recommend products that you don't carry speaks highly of you and your business ethics. Maybe THAT'S why you're selling so many Sound Labs. Either that or your demo's suck REALLY bad and people just buy them out of pity : ) Sean
Totally negative experience with Richard Gray Power Station!My system became totally lifeless, non-involving and dynamically anemic with the addition of The Power Station.This change in life was very apparent to a couple of audio novices who have limited exposure to hi-end audio.They're expression upon removal of the Gray product was the soundstage and music came to life.Maybe these products work in video only systems, I have yet to try one on my projector.Maybe over thirty years of hi-end audio involment has jaded me against power conditioners. I have yet to find one that has improved my audio only system.Three dedicated lines,10 gauge electrical cable,separate grounds and the fact I have an ugly green electrical transformer in my front yard only 40 feet from my audio room may negate the need for any power conditioner.With all this said. Why put a band-aid on a gaping wound?Why not minimize or elimanate the problem at its source.Granted you may not be able to do all of the above basic elemental upgrades because of various physcial restraints.1200.00 dollars would first be better spent on basic wiring upgrades than on a bandage.
I know one thing for sure Duke, if I'm ever in the market for Sound Labs or any product you sell, you're the man.

Sincerely, Will

PS My wife loves bed and breakfast joints and I really dig jazz

no good old boy network here ;-)
(besides I'm a transplanted northerner)

I have met Duke through the N.O. audiophile group - nice guy

As Duke says Richard is a real prince of a man, he isn't the salesman type, and he tools around with really cool old gear.

His power companies are sold through dealers, not directly. They can be system dependent - actually more wiring/power grid dependent. But I know many companies show their best equipment using them. The detail is quite resolving. I'm still deciding between his unit and an equi=tech balanced power configuration

Audiotomb,I have heard both,there is, I feel no valid way to compare these two products.I tried the Gray product in my audio only system///it killed it.I have a friend with dedicated room built from scratch up, no cost restraints Revel/Levinson/Equi-Tech system sounds great.Of course he did all the wiring right from the start as it should be done ...if at all possible.PS- Equi-Tech told my friend power conditioning was not needed with their systems.Tom
Audiotweak, do you believe Equi=Tech? Where's their specs? None whatsoever. Charging what they charge they *better* say one does not need anything else!
I was born a skeptic with an open mind. Anyone with a sharp pencil can write specs. Ask the IRS. Like I said the Gray stuff killed my system. From its creation, my friends system was built out from the Equi-Tech panel. I can only comment on what I heard of his system. Sounded very, very good.I did not rip into his system to add a external power conditioner. Next time I put my hands on a Gray product, I will take it to my friends house, give it a listen and report my impressions back on the forum.Tom
No experience with RGPC, but someone asked about balanced power. I am using the CinePro PowerPro20 and from the first moment it entered my system I noticed a major differences. I know these terms are used all too often, but I feel I now understand them better; there was a 'black' background to my stereo (I am mainly a 2-channel guy) and the bass was solid and smooth on the extreme low end. The highs were solid, but I now feel my speakers are the weak link in my chain, and therefore cannot go into too much detail about the higher frequencies. All I know now is I do not like metal dome tweeters. From all the research I have done before I dropped $1200 on the Cinepro, I just don't see how any product can give as much benifit as Balanced A/C. A product may be able to filter out all the interference it wants, and even not limit the incoming AC, but how does it deal with the hum induced by a hot/neutral/ground design?
Jlambrick, for the money you'd spend to get a *used* RGPC you can find a used isolation transformer like my 3000W (220V in, 110V out) ONEAC beast. Even more, you could get a really big one like the ones used for industrial HVAC units. Getting power at the 220V level makes a BIG difference, especially if one lives in an apartment building like myself.