Richard Gray's Power Co - ...that bad?

Has anyone had any experience with the Richard Gray's Power Company Model 400S A/C Line Enhancer? Is it is bad as Stereophile claims or as good as Stereo Times claims? Also, what inexpensive power conditioner/surge suppressor would you recommend for a small, solid state system? Thanks!!! Brad
I have removed the Richard Gray Power Station from the system. It roll off the top frequencies too much. You're better off plugging your system directly to the wall outlet. If possible, your system will greatly benefit from AC dedicated line.You can also to use PAC Idos. It's work!
I have one of the "Line Positioners" and I have heard nothing but improvements in dynamics and in the rhythm and pace of the music. It made such a difference even the wife noticed. I tried two in my system but saw no benefit from that though.
I have six Power Company's in my system as well as dedicated lines. The Power Company's were a more significant upgrade than the dedicated lines were. Guess I'll have to muddle along trusting my own ears. They haven't let me down yet. In my experience Richard Gray's dealers are happy to provide a no-obligation in-home audition, so this question need not be left to the reviewers to answer for us. I took two home one weekend and I was hooked.
The power I get in Hoboken, NJ in my 110-year-old apartment building is just awful. The first Power Company unit made a huge difference, and the second one I daisy-chained made a small, but noticeable difference. Your results probably depend on your local electric company. P.S. my TV (just a Panasonic Superflat 27", but it's hooked up to a satellite dish) got noticeably better, too.
i think the tad power purifier or bybee power purifiers are the way to go,(at least for me),but definetly it will improve everything you plug in it,no transformers,it will never harm any frequencies,basically is a purifier,the sound is greatly improved,it works with digital and analogs including big power amps,just try it,you'll see. give stewart at weekend environments a call he knows more than i do about it and is an honest and good guy,Al
you can find stewart's # here in audiogon under class a dealer weekend environments,Al
I can tell you that in my system it made a huge difference. The 3dim,soundstage,palibility,impact all improved and with two richard gray's in the system every thing started cooking.I can't live without two know
A friend of mine was delighted by one of the Monster line conditioners, around $200. I think it got good reviews. Do you know a dealer who would let you try out various ones?
Is anyone familiar with the Tripp-Lite brand? Good/bad???