Richard gray Power house 6.2KW for 9000$

but used one less than $4000, is this good for my system, Aesthetix callisto and phono, krell fpb600, thanks looking forward your info.

you can do better for your system. This was really developed for high power home theaters.
Anyway, i bought RGPC the power house, it took 3 of us to bring back to my house, likely i bought a trolley( like a milk man trolley) as the previous owner did not have a walkout basement so we have to carry out thru" the stair with the trolley or push cart was a great help.
Yes, i want it for home theater but more for music listening.
My oppo 103 colors improves by quite a great margin, i need to run 12 awg to my front projector about 25ft cable not done yet.
As for music, hmm bass is deeper first i noticed, soundstage remain same not wider or anything, instruments is definitely clearer, definitely darker by a bit.
as volume need not to turn louder than previously.
out put volts 122 to 128 volts instead of 115volts. The only down side is lesser warm. Probably, i need to change PC.
Nice! Chris -

I am a big fan of RGPC products. Keep me posted as you break-in this powerhouse.