Richard Gray Pole Pig

I'm considering the purchase of one. Would like to hear from anyone who has added a pole pig to either the 400 or 600 and what was the outcome.
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Take a look at Ajazi's system. He uses a pole pig and 600 together, and I think he has more info on the combo on his seperate web page, or you could email him.
I spoke to the owner... I have a 600 Watt multichannel Mac amp, a Toshiba 1080p LCD, Rotel Preamp Processor, dvd . Owner suggested that I need the Polepig with a 400 for the amp to isolate and a 600 for the LCD and all else. The 600 and 400 plug into the polepig. Said this is better than the polepig with a 1200. the 1200 is just two six hundreds packaged together.