Richard Gray owners ISO..

Hi all,

I'm looking at the RGPC 1200 C power conditioner/surge protector gear for my mid hifi system. Rotel preamp, and Rotel power amps(Class D), Def Tech speakers, SVS subs(2), Oppo BDP-95, Rotel RCD-1072 cd player and an apple computer.

I notice RGPC don't have coaxial surge protection on there units. Any reason why there is no coaxial surge protection? I see they sell it as an accessory. Secondly, can anyone share their experiences with RGPC. I'm using a Furman PFi 15 power conditioner right now but would like to take advantage of the non current limiting feature of the Richard Gray products. It looks well built and if you have it in an audio rack does it hold up well in a rack?

Thanks in advance for responding. Much appreciated.

I have only had one experience with RG conditioners , I returned it quickly .
Tmsorosk..can you share your experience a bit more as to why you returned it? Thanks Tmsorosk.\

They definitely made an improvement to my last system, but not at all with my current components. I was going to sell my pair of rgp 400's but when I unplugged my Mac mini music server and found they made enough of an improvement with my source to keep them. I live in a 1930's building with old wiring and only 2 circuits for plugs and lights. My point is that, in my limited experience, power conditioning is equipment and building specific and should be auditioned before purchasing.
Point well taken Eastein. So you decided to keep the RGPC 400's because it improved the audio on your mac mini server? I too run a mac mini through my Rotel preamp as well. Any tips when auditioning power conditioners or is it better to ensure the dealer has a good return/exchange policy, so that I can audition it in my apartment for a period of time?

Thanks for your response Eastein.

As I understand it the RGPC units do not have surge protection because it is unnecessary. The function of the unit is to create a "bucket" of power within the unit to be made available to power hungry components. This bucket is constantly being drained and replenished at the speed of...electricity. As it was explained to me by my local audio shop staff, a power surge of any size just fills this bucket and does not flow through the power cables that are connected to it. The RGPC unit also conditions the entire circuit that it is plugged into in your wall, but the individual components must be plugged directly into the RGPC to get the protection benefit.

I am running the RGPC 400Pro and really notice improvements in the sound. They can be found for around $400 on the second hand market and I've never heard of one going bad, so there is not much to lose.
Audioman, The RGPC 400's worked great for some components (my previous ss equipment) and are detrimental to others (my current tube pre and amp). The benefit to my current system is to the source Mini and DAC, and the improvement definitely warrants keeping them.

Given the number of variables involved, type and amount of equipment, power to house, wiring in the house, etc., auditioning at home is highly recommended.
Thanks for the information to both of you. I was wondering since RGPC products don't have coaxial protection built in to their equipment isn't that self defeating to the power surge protection it offers? As I understand it, power surges can go through cable and phone lines as well. Can anyone explain why they don't have built in surge protection for cable and phone lines like you see on other models? I see it sold as an accessory and also it is offered as a built in surge protection on their Extender Pro model. There must be a reason. Thanks again Audiogon Forum members for your response.