Richard Gray 400S- any VIDEO benefits??

Has anyone tried Richard Gray 400S with their TV's? I have a Sony 32" monitor, and am looking into PLC's for an HT setup, but the winning candidate must make improvement to video (as well as audio).

Live in old apartment building- crappy 15-amp (barely!) circuits that can't do anything about. Had an API Ultra 115 Powerwedge previously that made nice benefit to TV as well. Your thoughts on RGPC 400s along the 'video' spectrum would be appreciated- thanks!
I've heard richard gray uses a video monitor to visually display the benefits of his products on power at trade shows.
I have seen Richard Grays make a dramatic difference in the video quality of a top flight DLP front projector system - heightening detail and contrast (deepening black levels). Unfortunately, the set-up I saw used multiple units - 4 all told - which is a major, major tweak. How well 1 or 2 would work on a regular CRT TV, I am not sure. Actually, I'm pretty sure it would improve the performance but whether it would improve performance enough to justify the cost is not clear. Improvements wrought by the Richard Grays were much easier to see on the big screen, especially since DLPs are fundamentally weaker than CRTs in black level.
Thanks guys- good point Oahuan. I had heard the same thing about the benefit for DLP's, however I guess I am fishin' for info on regular CRT-based benefits. Thanks for responding!
I,(3),have heard the same thing. I think one would want to see what the current draw for the given tv is /typically 300 watts for 36in ctrs,and some rptvs use more.
I recently acquired a 400S and saw improvement in my 40" direct view Mitsubishi. I am very pleased with the unit.
I use one on my Marantz 42" Plasma and it was the best thing to happen to it. There was an immediate improvement in blacks and the brightness. I picked up the 1200S for the rest of my system.
I use Richard Gray 400s with a Pioneer Pro 710 it made a
substantial improvement in color and contrast. Jr96aol.