Richard Gray 1200S, Hydra or ????

Kicking around an upgrade in the powerline area.

Already have decicated panel and lines; FPL replaced the wiring from the post to the house (and a nice improvement that was).

But power is still a bit spotty.

So what's the way to go?

I'd like something that I can plug a pair of Rogue Mangun monblocks into.

You can go the Hydra, Richard Gray, Audio Magic Stealth,
CFX, etc. did a review a few months back. Alot depends on what you seek. All these products like anything in audio have certain sonic signatures. The review may help.
Good response A_Sanctuary_of_Sound, just one more thing I would like to add that any of these components will perform differently in your home, all of us have slightly different AC power and it can cause a large difference. Looks like an in home audition is around the corner KP, should be fun as long as your room is kept cool with those Magnum 120 space heaters going ;) Cheers ~Tim
Richard Gray dealers are 'supposed' to loan units. You have nothing to lose...
Yea, time to start researching indepth. I'll see what dealers allow audtions of a couple of these fancy power strips.
Sos, I found a bunch of articles on that site, thanks for the tip.
Tireguy, the 120's run much cooler since I swtiched to Svte 6550c's. It's liveable now!

i have used rg400s one for each block (makes placing the amps closer to the speakers easier). It had a slight improvement in the sound. I found the rgs much better on the front end.

I noticed what you were using for tubes....this is where you can make these amps sing. I have tried a host of input and output tubes. Put some good used or nos (depends on how much you want to spend) in these amps. I found that tunsols (6550s) are the best outputs. The inputs give you more bang for the buck. Rca (reasonalbe) make a big difference!! Masushitas (probably spelled wrong) Ats are great!(each tube has a slight sonic sig select to your taste) Spend the money on tubes svte 6550s really do not do justice to these amps. If you are using stock will be shocked at the improvement when you change.

as alway imo

I have a Richard Gray product in one system and an Audio
Magic unit in the other. Both result in an improvement
but the Audio Magic is definitely the better design.
If you haven't already, consider top-notch PC's first and then consider AC line conditioning/regeneration. Also, on your new AC lines; Are they connected to the same phase at the electrical box? They should be. New wiring and receptacles also take time to "burn-in". A couple weeks should do it.

peter jasz
Save yourself a lot of trouble and get the Audio Stealth Purifer. I own one, and it's a killer. Small, light, and you put your whole system through it and will go to heaven. Needs lots of break in time. I can turn you on to where you can buy it at a great price. Oh by the way: the Shunyata defintely over the Gray. No question there.
I forgot, take a *good* look at the Yugoslav stuff.

It's pretty much bulletproof and to date I haven't seen any other company publish noise reduction graphs and tolerance specifications like they do. Pretty intense. You can download their "Noise Reduction Basics" .pdf file from their downloads section.