Ribbon tweeters: Do they create a ringing sound??

I just purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios. Exceptional sounding speaker,but I have heard a ringing sound or artifact when playing CD's. I am aware that this could be a combination of room acoustics,electronics, and interconnect cables.The Adagios use a "round ribbon" tweeter with Kapton memebrane. I have heard other speakers with "ribbon" tweeters, like Dali, Gallo, Piega--offering varying degrees of ringing. I would like to find a way to correct this problem. The electronics are Creek 5350SE Classic" integrated, a Rega Apollo CD player, the interconnect is a Audio Magic Spellcaster II(which tends toward brightness),Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable which probably needs to be replaced by better wire. Nevertheless, the room may be the main culprit---it is 12X14 with one wall of windows, the opposite wall has a countertop opening into small kitchen area. The speakers are on the short axis wall which flairs out about 12inches on the left side to accomodate an air conditioner shaft and vent. The Adagio is a tranmission line design. The room is not ideal, and I am sitting only about 5 to 6 ft from the drivers. There is also some midrange bulge or inbalance which seems to make the speakers louder, less focused, and throw too large a soundstage. My previous speakers did almost the same thing. I intend to move the speakers across the room and position them on the long wall where they can be equidistant from the back wall. They are not light so I can't keep moving them around without injury. I have considered using some Sonex foam squares to dampen down the room..... All comments suggestions welcomed!!! Thanks Jim
I would at least try another cd player if that is the only source of this ringing.Since your other speakers did the same is why I'm leaning toward them as not being the cause.Another possibility is,if the other speakers and these have a hard material,some people are more sensitive to what they reproduce.
never heard a "ringing ribbon" though I have never heard the Adagio's or a speaker with a round ribbon. my speakers use a Raven R1 and it never rings, just sounds BEAUTIFUL

did you check to be sure the tweeter is seated tight in the cabinet?? just be careful not to over tighten and/or strip the screws
I have auditioned the Adagio, and yes, one of the speakers I listened to did have a nasty "ring," "buzz," or something not right with one of the pair. It's not uncommon with ribbons—they are easily damaged by overdriving, and some have edge resonances that are inherent in their design. Every ribbon I've heard produces glaring artifacts in some specific narrow frequency range that may only be revealed under certain conditions. I've not heard every ribbon out there, but I have heard at least five other brands. It's really a shame, because ribbons can sound so wonderful when they're not misbehaving.
Thanks to all memebers who have responded, your comments are very helpful. I hope others, especially Adagios owners will get into the discussion. Nevertheless, I really like these speakers, even though I have only played them about 10-15 hours. The previous and (original) owner used them for 2 years and played them at low volume.... I always liked the concept of the ribbon tweeter, versus other materials. However, I was equally suspicious of their power handling capacity and tendency to get edgy. One thing I did not mention is so far I have kept the grills on for safety reasons. Next week I intend to play the Adagios without and see if that improves their HF sound. Thanks again, Jim
Before you go too far, make sure it's not a room issue. Sitting in your normal listening position, use a handclap or sharp fingersnap to check for ringing.