RIAA Equalized Turntable


I posted an earlier thread (1226290715)re: economical phono repamp. Thanks for the feedback.

What I need to understand is whether my Thorens TD 145 turntable produces an RIAA equalized signal. I was looking at a fairly cheap phono preamp from McLelland Music (MQ s35) on ebay, and the blurb suggests that it should be capable (read: economimical), but on the www.Mclellandmusic.com the blurb says that it requires and RIAA equalized source.
So, does anyone know whether I should expect the Thorens TT to produce such a signal?

This should explain RIAA. Basically the signal is modified so that the vinyl can handle it and then the phono amp has an opposite curve that returns the signal to its original form.

So you would still need a phono amp with an RIAA equalization.

Keith, unless your turntable has a built-in phono stage, it has nothing to do with the signal, RIAA or otherwise.

All electrically recorded records are made with some sort of EQ to prevent overloads in the recording process. So the signal picked up by your cartridge must be reverse EQ'ed to restore a near flat response. The function of a phono stage is, 1) to correct this EQ (the RIAA curve was approved in the mid '50s but not adopted by all record labels until the late '60s or even beyond in some Asian countries) and 2) to provide additional gain so the phono output is similar to other source devices.

I'm not familiar with the McLelland but it sounds as if it only provides gain. There are several inexpensive complete phono stages (gain and EQ) that may be better choices for you.
Thanks Pryso. I think that answers my question. The ebay seller assures me that this preamp will work. We will see. If not I am considering any of the following:
-Pro-ject Phono Box Mk2
-Cambridge Audio 640P
And I will also take a look at the Bellari VP120/130
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