RIAA eq standards - a deal breaker?

Have a VPI Classic 3 with a Benz Glider that I just dropped last evening and now need to replace. The Soundsmith Zephyr mkII is on my short list; but now I hear that it does not adhere to the RIAA eq standards. Should I remove it from my list of cartridge contenders (which include the Lyra Delos and Clearaudio Maestro v2 )?
In nearly all systems it's the phono preamp that provides RIAA EQ, not the cartridge.
I see no indication that the Zephyr was not designed with the standard RIAA equalization curve in mind. What you have heard most likely is due to confusion with the Soundsmith Strain gauge cartridge that requires a dedicated phono stage due to its non-standard response curve. The Zephyr is a moving iron design that was designed specifically to match with VPI arms and the reviews I see were based on standard phono stages with no mention of anything with an unusual RIAA.
I believe Swampwalker is absolutely correct on this.
Thanks for the info. Zephyr is within my limited budget and VPI owners tend to really like it..
Suspension shot on the Glider. Is it repairable? I sent an email to Soundsmith this weekend asking this question?
Try Andy at Needle Clinic for the repair of your Glider, very reasonable prices and quick turn around time. Ive used him several times and heave never been disappointed.

Andy Needle Clinic

Best of luck

Since you have appeared to have dropped your VPI Classic 3, why not have that repaired first if needed.
Thanks all for your responses.
Talked with Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith today and I was very impressed. Told me my Glider may not be repairable. So I've decided to replace it with a Zephyr mkII. A lot of great cartridges out there, but the price is certainly right and Classic/Zephyr owners appear to be very happy.
Sorry for the confusion. I dropped only the Glider, not the tt.