RI - 500 Lightning strikes per minute?!!

Sorry all I have for this is a tweet from the Ladd Observatory:


Hope no one is hurt, and no one looses any of their precious audio gear!


I was driving in it this afternoon and it was awful, We got 1 1/2 inches of rain in like 30 minutes, and the highway was completely flooded. Saw lightning strikes all over the place. The best part is our Commander and Thief, Mr. Trump says global warming is a hoax. I think he graduated from Trump University.

All my equipment is safe, but still waiting for my Triton References!

Here on A'gon, I would love to be spared political commentary by misinformed, Kool-Aid drinkers.  
Perhaps political commentary should be posted elsewhere, but these are strange times.
These truly are stressful times. Extra doses of patience, compassion and forgiveness will do much to help.


There've been many studies on the constant intake of bad news and how it messes with our sense of time, not to mention how it heightens our senses needlessly to the point of being in a low intensity, combat-like situation. Think of it as a low rent form of PTSD. It messes with us on levels deeper than we care to examine.

I've been listening to more music than usual lately just to feel better. 
It works. 😀

All the best,

This is a "high end" forum. Please, let us not delve into something as "low end" as politics.
Politics isn't really low end, as you say. It's the way it's often discussed that is.