Rhythmic L12 vs. SVS SB-1000

Close in price and return policy.

Has anyone heard both of these, or have any thoughts on one design vs the other?

I took a quick look.  FWIW I'm a very happy SVS SB2000 owner, but on paper for 70 bucks more the L12 looks to potentially offer significantly deeper bass performance vs. the SVS SB1000.  It's a little bigger and weighs almost twice as much, and it also seems to offer more flexible adjustment options.  On paper the L12 looks like an overall better value, but ultimate quality of the bass produced is a significant unknown.  That said, I've seen nothing but positive feedback from Rhythmic owners so I'd be surprised if the L12 is a disappointment.  Again, FWIW.  Best of luck. 

Thanks for the comments soix
I'm a big fan of the Hsu line, especially the "convertible" VTF-15H series, with variable Q and variable configuration (ported, dual ported, sealed). Beautiful to look at in addition to supremely powerful and capable subs.


I use a "Rythmik" L12, bought after quite a bit of research.  For a sealed 12" speaker I don't think its value can be beat and it can be made to operate seamlessly with almost any speaker.  It is heavy for, among other things, it has a transformer powered amplifier rather than a switching one as in most of its competition.  Very happy with the choice.  As I use it for music, just one, it is subtle and visitors are unaware that I'm using a sub-woofer.  

That being said, as compared to the SVS, the consumer pays for return shipping and these things are heavy.  Also, because of the amplifier used in it, the "auto" power function is unusable in my system and, even where usable it saves very little energy.  So I just leave it on.  As the designer says, it is definitely not "green."

Thanks for the comments guys.

I'll also check out Hsu.
Get ported sub, they sound more natural.
Even though I'm selling my L12 because I sold my Maggie .7's I couldn't resist purchasing it because of the price -. $539 direct from Rythmik. 

Previously I had a small Rel, and a B&W sub - I forget the model.  

The Rythmik was, IMHO, as "musical" as the Rel had been. The bass was tight, defined, void of any home-theaterish excess or bloat.  The demarcations on the rear for choosing the crossover point are somewhat vague but I positioned it where I thought 40-45hz would be - it's guess work at best. The Maggies low end was 45hz and it worked well enough. 

The .7's are excellent speakers. I chose them over the larger and more expensive 1.7i's after comparing them in my local shop. However, my comparing them was done in a much closer listening position in the store than I do at home, thus I felt the need for the sub. It's a good sub and an even better value. 

Good luck!
REL is a sonic match for Maggies and so many other brands of loudspeakers.  Sunfire is a close 2nd.