I recently purchased pc for cd player with rhodium ends on both...I wasnt feeling the mojo from it and was not content with lowend resolution/grunt.I switched ac/male end with nice furutech copper and it has made the difference...Im surprised at the difference that it has made.Bass has more info/definition/warmth and high end still has sparkle with the neutral transparency that rhodium (iec) seems to offer.I know this has been talked about alot and probably deserves a duh!.. Rhodium indeed has its place in my system after all this time.Like it.


Plating copper connectors with a thin layer of rhodium does not alter the conductivity of the copper.  Or of the cables to which the connectors are attached.  But not quite a complete waste of money because the rhodium will reduce oxidation in the copper which reduces conductivity and impoverishes the contact between connector and socket, saving the need to clean the connectors with solvent periodically.

@audphile1 @knownothing  @digsmithd       go and do a blind test and then come back


Clearthinker...thanks for input.I am a regular cleaner of my connectors,not so much worried about oxidization.The difference between the 2 iec’s is quite negligible.My room i can hear very well the trade offs of the plating.They both offer something that the other does not...rhodium with its even/slightly controlled balance is really quite nice on alot of my music...but i have concluded at the end of the weekend the gold with its slightly more open sound stage/ect was the one to leave in...🎼

@clearthinker you may not hear a difference between pure copper and rhodium plated copper.  I have built a lot of cables and I do.  As I said above, YMMV.


@knownothing    listening tests are invalid unless they are blind.

I hope YMMV doesn't stand for 'you make me vomit'?

.... go and do a blind test and then come back ...

Instead of orders others around, why don’t you start by telling us the results of your own blind tests? How were they conducted? How many subjects, how many trials? What was revealed?

Or, is blind testing something you require only of others?