RFI - Turntable Rig

Morning All,

Another RFI thread and would appreciate everyone's help as it is driving me crazy!

I have a TW Acustic Raven and a Whest Audio PS30RDT Phono Amp running through an Audiopax Model 5 preamp. Tonearm cable has a grounding wire that is connected to the ground of the Whest amp. I have a Tara Labs The One Series 2 between the Whest and the Audiopax. With my CD Player selected it is dead silent - however, when switching to analog I have a fairly substantial hum and also what seems to be FM radio. I recently swapped out the Whest for my Ray Samuels Nighthawk and the RFI disappeared.

All equipment is plugged into a Purepower 2000 AC Regenerator. I guess I have a potential ground loop and should remove the grounds on power cables as Purepower is grounded through the powerchord to the wall but I believe this does not explain the RFI.

I am considering experimenting with a balanced cable between Whest and Audiopax to see if this helps but any other suggestions appreciated. I have not been able to run a ground cable from the TW Acustic as seems to be no available grounding point - has any owner managed to ground this table?

Thanks in advance

Are you using a MM or LOMC cartridge?
I found that poorly shielded phono cable with high output MMs caused an RFI/EMI hum in my system.
Try wrapping aluminium kitchen foil around the Tara Labs phono cable to see if there is an improvement?
If so......try a better shielded cable.
Thanks - I am using an Ortofon Black Credenza or A90 cartridge.
Do you have the same problem with the A90?
Actually the A90 has not yet been added to the rig. Will do so in a few weeks. Whest are being very helpful and this is a first for them as their units are renown for being extremely quiet.
What happens when you have the Whest hooked up to the system, but nothing at its input? Do you still have the RF?
Do you mean with the tonearm cable disconnected? I can check tonight
Yes, try that. Lets see if the RF is coming in with the cable or not.
Thanks - with tonearm cable disconnected I am still picking up rfi and a very loud hum.