RF Interference - radio signal through my Transparent Cables.

I own a Woo Audio WES headphone amp connected to a DAC using a 1M Transparent Reference MM1 XLR balanced interconnect.  The Amp is dead silent when the interconnects are disconnected - but I'm picking up a radio station through the cables.  I would have expected balanced Transparent Reference cables to not act as an antenna  - any ideas on how to fix this problem. (BTW, I have the DAC and Amp powered through a PS Audio P600 Power Regenerator).  


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How do you know that the RFI is entering the system through the cables? It could be entering through the DAC. Have you tried another DAC?
Good point cleeds - I should check that and see if its coming from the DAC.  I just purchased a new DAC (Emm Labs DAC2x to replace a Wyrd4Sound). 
Have you tried a different pair of interconnects? And the results were?

this should not be happening through your XLR connectors?
Perhaps, the RFI is entering through the DAC?

Try another set of IC, verify the results.
It was the DAC!  I replaced a Wyrd 4 Sound with an EMM Labs DAC2x and I now have dead silence.  


Thanks! for the update -Adam.

Happy Listening!

Hi Adam,

Nice  Dac! How do you like the EMM dac2x ?