Reynaud vs. Spendor vs. Harbeth vs. Linn

Does anyone have an opinion about which is better in general and specifically to go with my Creek 4330? All I care about is loving the music, if detail or whatever helps then I'm all for it. So between the Reynuad Twins, Spendor 3/5s, Harbeth HLP3-ES, and Linn Katan/Tukan which is the one to beat?

These are exactly what I would be looking at if I was in your position, with the exception of Linn, which I know little about. I have owned the Spendor SP 1/2 for almost two years, and never get tired of them. I had a Bryston B60 when I got them, but have moved on to tubes. I have an internet friend that raves about the Twins, and uses them in an Audio Refinment based system. I know someone else with the Harbeth Compact 7's in a Blue Circle system, and he is also very passionate about them. These are all great speakers, but you would need to try them all in your system before you would really know for sure which one works best. Nice choices...
I'm not familiar with the Reynauds and have never cottoned to any of the Linns I've heard over the years, but I don't think you can go wrong with either the Harbeths or Spendors. Another one to consider is the atc scm 7, which has a much superior bottom end and is in about the same price & size category (but may not be a great match for the Creek because of its relative inefficiency). How about the Epos M-12, which is, I think, now owned by Creek and regarded by the latter as an excellent match for its electronics? But in any case please do follow Garyl's advice to listen in your system before buying!

If you are into detail and soundstage, check Linn Tukan. ;'Pound per pound' Linn's best speakers (after Sekrit)
I think you'll enjoy the 3/5a & Reynaud, for musicality (not for extension, ultimate resolution, etc). The Tukans I found best in active mode -- which is not what you're looking for. I haven't experienced the Harbeth model.
The A-Physics "Step" is another little box you may wish to consider.
You need to consider efficiency. Although I am a Harbeth fan, and have owned two pair of (pre ES) P3's, they require more power than your Creek puts out. I would go with the Linn Tukan or the Reynaud.
So does anyone who's heard both (something I can't do) have an opinion between the Reynauds and the Tukans if I can find the Tukan for $200.00 cheaper? Are the Reynaud's that much better?

Stick with the Reynaud or the Harbeth's. I have had both and am very familiar with their virtues, both being great speakers. You cannot beat the value with the Twinn's, but the Harbeth with most likely beat them in the midrange department. The Twinn's are very, very good speakers and are almost impossible to beat for the money. I think thats what I would chose if I were you.

Good luck!