Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile

Has anyone here heard the latest iterations of these two soeakers and can describe the differences. I've read Bob Neill's write-up of these two on his website, but the descriptions are a bit hard for me to grasp, perhaps not specific enough for me. They're also written by someone who is trying to sell them. I'd like to hear from those who might not have as much of stake in the game. Bob does think the Cantabile is the better speaker, but is it a small improvement or a significant one? 


It's also hard to find reviews on these. There are a couple out the, but not comparing to each other. 


Thanks for any insights here. 



Yeah they might have been a bit much for Reynaud's from the Twins and Trente era but do just fine with the Abscisse and Bliss Jubilee.  

RCA's too a good suggestion but not the Clear Tops as they are a different bred to my ears from the Black Plates which are a bit more. 

Now that I've had the Monster Cable speaker cables in my system for a bit, I think they're certainly a better fit. There's still a bit of top end to be toned down. The thing with trying speaker wire is that I can't use standard lengths as I need 12' or so at the least. I don't want to just purchase cables and be stuck with them.


Regarding the Sylvanias, Andy had actually recommended them, but I suppose it's worth trying something else. At least he has a return policy with his tubes.

I also tried the Russian Tung-Sols originally supplied with the Pathos, and they're worse in the high end (brighter, brasher) and worse in the bass as well (tubby).


I was playing my the UHQR 45rpm of Kind Of Blue, and oh, does it sound great. There's not a ton of high end in that record, but what I do hear is pretty terrific. Neutral, musical, plenty of small-scale dynamic nuance, very natural, and 3-dimensional images.


But while better than with the Grover Huffman silver speaker cables, it get still sound too bright with brighter records. They're not forgiving. If I raise myself up from my sitting position on the couch a little bit, the brightness gets more pronounced. I may try to angle the speakers back just a bit more. I've maxxed out on what I can do with the spikes (lower in back, raised in the front), so I'll need to find some sort of shims.

Try the other direction, higher in the back with the fronts all the way in. 

I already did. Not as good. It put the midrange/woofer drivers angled toward the floor (where there's a carpet and wood coffee table, and resulted in a less open midrange and less coherent with the top end. Tilting them upward is much better overall.