Rewiring Acoustat model 3 speaker?

Hi everyone,

Since the last 21/2 years, I'm a proud owner of Model 3 Acoustat loudspeaker.

I just bought new speaker cables to drive them. So between my Krell KSA-150 and the Acoustat, I bought a pair of "MIT MH-770 Reference" (huge cables). (sound is spectacular).

To connect them to the speakers I change the bannana plug for good binding post to receive the spade of the cables.
I replace them with WBT-0730 binding post.

Now the first question. When the transformer was open, I realize that the cable inside was so small. Did the sound will be really improved if I redone all the inside cabling with good Van Den Hul cables? (or any cables suggestion)

Second question, inside the transformer, one of the cable connector pass by a tiny fuse. Did this fuse is really important?

You know when you buy so huge speaker cables and they are connect to so tiny cables inside the speaker, many questions goes on your mind.

Thanks in advance for the information. May 4, 2004.
If the transformers aren't labeled "Medallion", you should replace the capacitors, internal wiring with Kimber, Cardas, etc, bypass the HF resistor or control, and put a cap around the fuse to bypass its negative sonic effects.
Be careful, I own a paid of Acoustat X speakers with the Servo Charged amp in side each speaker. They have V-E-R-Y high voltage.
I would suggest going to for more info on Acoustat mods .(mk 121 models )
Never disregard the importance of fuses in a cicuit ,if you damage the transformers on this spkr you will be going to great lengths to find another.