Rewire Turntable?

I just finished upgrading my system. I had to buy a phono preamp as my B&K PT3 MK2 did not have a phono section. I went with an NAD PP2. I upgraded my cartridge from a Linn K5 which was about 11 or 12 years old to a Goldring 1042. When I hooked up, I noticed that I needed more gain on the preamp to get a decent volume. I also noticed the lack of bass depth and highs which improved somewhat when I went to the Goldring. The cable from the NAD to the preamp was an audiophile cable from about 1976 so I experimented and used one of the new XLO's that I bought. Further improvement but, still a bit light on the bass and highs. Since the TT which is a Thorens 160C I have had since 1978 and the arm is a Linn Basik plus which I had put in 1992 I feel that the next step would be to get some decent interconnects for the TT...

Rest of system:
B&K Ref 4420
Adcom 600 CD player
Vandersteen 2CE sigs speakers.

Thanks for your help...

Here's what I figure:
1.Goldring 1042 is low output MM <3mV out
2.MM section of Nad PP2 has very low gain
3.MC section has very low load impedance.


Change Nad PP2 or cartridge.
The first thing comes in mind for your setup is Parasound.
Check AudioAdvisor.
Don't waste your time on rewire.
A 1042 should not be weak on the frequency extremes, and should mate well with a Linn Basik Plus arm. The 1042 is also quite a high output cartridge, so I am at a loss as to why the gain seemed weak.
Well, I wouldn't exactly call the 6.5mv output of the Goldring 1042 "low". It has the highest output of any cartridge that I know about. So, I guess that eliminates the "low output" possibility.

Perhaps there is an impedance load setting that is affecting the MM input on your PP2.
MM input of PP2 is 47k so that shouldn't be low for any MM.
35dB even for MM is very low.
If we transfer it to "times" it will yield only approx 56.(100 corresponds to 40dB for the voltage)
The output voltage yields approximately 360mV to feed the preamplifier. The next step comes onto play is input impedance of the preamp and output impedance of PP2 which needs to be researched.
Thanks so far for the responses. When I say rewire, I am wondering if I should just upgrade between the TT and NAD, not the arm itself. I will get some decent ICs for the NAD-B&K connection...