rewire older speaker internal wiring?

Has anyone rewired an older pair of speakers? and if so was there an improvement in the sound? I have an older pair of JBL 4311B that I am thinking about rewiring. Any suggestions for brands of wire. I have some left over bulk kimber kable that I thinking of using. Speakers are in great shape, just thougth it might be a worthy upgrade project.
besides upgrading the wire, why not look into updating the crossovers also ?
I'm also with Riley. I re-wired my existing speakers with Vampire wire from The Cable Company which I'm sure helped but the greatest improvement was replacing my capacitors with Duelunds VSF.
If you can afford it the Duelund Cast capacitors are supposedly even better?
Capacitor choices are near-limitless!
From Russian military to fragile bees wax you can spend anywhere from a few bucks for say... Solon all the way up to Stratospheric for Jensen or Mundorf or ??

Set a budget for how much you think it's worth, and how long you intend to keep the speakers. They ain't getting any younger!

If you intend to keep them forever and be buried in the box they came in, spend whatever it takes. Any inductors and resistors can be replaced at the same time with audiophile grade parts.
Check Parts Express or Madisound and come up with a plan.

I am currently working on such plans for my panels, doing a rebuild of the STOCK x-over in my 1.6 maggies. Many choices, not the least of which is that I will probably end up with an external x-over since the proposed cap upgrade (Clarity SA) and new inductor (aircore) take up LOTS more space.
thank you all for your thoughts. I would like to explore the caps being replaced, but I have not been able to access the crossover from the inside the speaker box with the drivers removed. The Crossovers are apparently mounted on the front of the speaker behind the controls to adjust the highs and mids gain. It does not appear to be an easily accessed area. Any thoughts? I do not want to destroy the speaker's box. I do understand that the old caps are due for a change as they are most likely drying out or dried out from age. Any ideas would be appreciated. I know they are old an some will not see the point to doing this. I really like the sound of these speakers, but feel they are not what they used to be. All drivers are in perfect conditon, and the boxes are not bad either. Thank you
Different brands of caps will have totally different sonics.If
you get in there to do it,maybe try Solen first.They're kinda
neutral.There might be stuff on the net telling you what to
expect from what brands in that speaker.Sometimes a cap change
can make it sound like a different company made it.Same thing
goes for amps.I hope this link helps out. Link>>>[]
Any good wire should be ok.Good tight connections are important.Also,don't use higher uf,or mfd values on the caps
unless a real pro tells you its ok.That will pass lower frequency's to the drivers possibly blowing them.A little higher voltages should be ok.There's a lot of JBL fans on the net that may have places for help.
Another link>>>[]
Many people experienced in this rebuild will tell you to use a parallel 'bypass' cap of some small value.
Don't forget that caps in Paralled ADD values.

Solon is a good choice as is Clarity SA for more $$. It gets wacky after that and in my OPINION should not be purchased unheard or without a knowing recommendation.

My panels start wit Solon and I am pricing out a new x-over of identical design to original, using Clarity SA. I could spend more $$ on a single Mundorf Gold/Silver/Oil (whatever) than I intend for the entire project!
First rewire the innards...and then I will advise you on the crossovers. If you want my HO that is.
Thank you all for your input.
Vandermeulen, I will contact you once I have replaced internal wiring for advise with the caps.

Excellent. Be patient, and avoid cold solder connections.
Here is a link to a page on humble.

Please read it and know it is just 1 guys opinion, but an educated opinion.

Pick your price: pick your poison.
For 4311s, you may not want to go more expensive than the Solon.
Clarity SA for more money?

How deep are your pockets?
Peter, I'm a putz. I own the 4312C JBL Monitors also. I can't believe I forgot to mention this. I have never thought about rewiring them...till now. LOL. I will try to find some time to take them apart and see whats going on inside. Keep me posted, as I will you.
On this link I sent you on the 23,I think they show the crossover coming out of the front,when it looks like it may be
mounted inside.There might be a cover plate hiding the two screws?Their diagram doesn't look 100% right.