Rewire of SME V

Has any of you experience of other internal wire than original for SME V including MCS 150.
I´d appreciate your opinions of pros/cons (is that right spelling)

Many Thanks!
Hi C-G,
one of best internal wiring available for tonearms is Stereolux Finewire C37cyro from Heiko Wingender. It's a cyrogenic copper wire with 8 strings total less than 0,1mm diameter. Wiring is very flexible without any skating effects. Isolation is made of silk and special C37 violin laquer from Dieter Ennemoser (a German violin maker). Sound is much more present, bass range ist more defined, much more details in mid and high-range without any signs of analytics or hardness. Price depends on your own wishes (lenght, plugs,...) but it's about 300€ and a real steal. I spend my Triplanar VI new wires and many german audiophiles startet to rewire their arm (even DaVinci!) with Finewire. Work of H. Wingender is also excellent with special matching adapters for most available tonearms.


Information (sorry only in German; but can send you email on request with contact data):
Hi Heradot!
Thanks for your reply, interesting. I wonder how much 50 cm will cost, I´ll check.
I´ve changed to SME MCS150 (done at SME). Still not satisfied, prefer warmer sound over longer terms. Instead I got Cardas and it´s definitely more my taste.
But there you are I´m more of a "tubey guy"