Rewire Marantz or Reterminate Cable

I'm buying a Marantz SA-14. Apparently the XLRs are wired pin 3 hot as opposed to the rest of my equipment which is pin 2 hot.

I have a pair of cables that could get reterminated. I think I would rather resolder the wires in the Marantz and stick a label on the back of it.


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It really desn't matter whether pin 2 is positive or pin 3 is positive in reality.
If you're balanced source to amp, you have to maintain the correct phase, but if the signal is converted to single-ended somewhere in the chain, then it doesn't matter, no?

A player modded to the "correct" polarity would be worth $50 to me if it was a high quality job. When you switch cables around enough that last thing you need is a "special" component.
What is the correct phase? I don't believe there are many if any pieces of recorded music that maintains the same phase thoughout the recording chain. And especially recordings from europe would be different.
Flipping speaker cables would be fine except this is one source out of three so it must be fixed at the source end.

Rwwear, while technically you may be correct for all I know, the point remains that it would be nice to have the same setup here regardless of the cable or component.
The easiest way to fix the problem in that case would be to reverse the positive and negative at one end of your XLRs.
It is a very simple task to rewire the internal XLR jacks inside the Marantz gear. Invest the 10 minutes of time and be done with it.
Rewiring the internal XLR jack can be simple as long as the jacks aren't connected directly to the circuit board.