Rewire Linn Akito?

When I was just getting into vinyl and bought my VPI HW-19 MK3 it came with a Linn Akito arm and OC-9 cartrige. I didn't pay much attention to the tonearm cable because it was attached. I have since learned that tonearm was supposed to have a DIN connection. The previous owner must have "customized" it. The cable exits the bottom of the tonearm through a blob of silicone. He must have made some internal connections to the existing tonearm cable. Now I would like to rewire it either to a DIN connector or simply outboard to an rca connector block similar to on the Aries or TNT. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Eric
Do you know what type of cable it is? Have you checked to see if the previous owner simply covered the DIN connector with a bolb of silicone? This seems like a pretty weird and involved modifification to make. I'vr owned an Akito and now own ann Ekos. Changing the wiring inside the tonearm never crossed my mind..though upgrading the phono cable is worth doing
The cable is unidentifiable. It looks like grey 16 guage lampcord but I'm sure it isn't. There is no visible DIN plug so I'm sure the connection was made in the vertical tube. I am looking for rewiring instructions and a recommendation for internal wire and where to get it.
Is there a Linn dealer near you? Alternatively, try posting in AudioAsylum.Com (vinyl asylum).Lots of Linnies there who might be able to help. Wish I could tell you more, but the sort of radical tweaking your poor Akito has apparently been thru is well beyond anything I'd try on my own....