Rewire Conrad Johnson Premier 12 from 2 to 4 ohms

Hello Audiofriends,

I bought a pair of these fine amps. The previous owner had them changed from 4 to 2 ohms. I've heard them this way, but don't like the change, too much distortion and lack of push. There's no dealer around here and the change should be doable, if only I had a rewire scheme. Can any one help me? Thanks and cheers, John
Call CJ and talk to Ed.
What speakers are you using and what is their nominal impedance?
Dear Myles,

Martin Logan CLSIIz. Nomimal 4 ohms, 1.6 ohms at 20 Khz.
The previous owner also had these speakers and thought
that lowering the impendance was a smart idea, but I am
not convinced.

Regards, John